SOCOM 1.30 Update: Parties, matchmaking,

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#1 Posted by TEAMHOLT (415 posts) -

and other stuff that needed to be in the game to begin with.

Matchmaking and a party system is a bit of a game changer for me. My main issue with the game (other than the whole "not working" thing) was that the process of getting together with friends and launching a game was in the damn dark ages. Even though this stuff should have been in the game to begin with, it's good to see they're actively working on making it better.

No word on being able to switch to another one of your preset weapon load-outs mid-game, which was another sticking point for me. Maybe that was already covered in a previous update, or maybe that's just not how SOCOM games roll, I don't know.

Anybody else thinking of giving this game another shot, or is it just too late?

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#2 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

yea i really can't wait for this. 

Another shot?!? I bought this and love it. Haven't been playing a lot lately but as soon as this new patch comes out i'll be hooked man. I think people should give it another shot, its really underrated imo. 
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#3 Posted by ManlyBeast (1232 posts) -

Very good.

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#4 Posted by Manachild (587 posts) -

granted they should had this stuff in at launch but i have to give huge props to slant six for putting in the work to actually fix and improve the game, definatly something i'm gonna pick up for my ps3 now.

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