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    Soda Dungeon

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 08, 2015

    RPG/dungeon-crawler with focus on team-building and looting. Upgrade your tavern with new sodas to attract new adventurers!

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    Soda Dungeon is an RPG/Dungeon crawler produced by Afro-Ninja Productions and Poxpower, and published by Armor Games.


    Fighting one of the game's many bosses
    Fighting one of the game's many bosses

    It features a large emphasis on upgrading a tavern, purchasing sodas, attracting new adventurers, and raiding the dungeon for loot.

    The combat in Soda Dungeon is turn-based, but the game can also be set to an 'auto-combat' mode that allows the player to set the game down while the AI battles for them.

    Soda Dungeon features five unique dungeon areas, over 100 enemies, and ten dimensions. Eventually the player is allowed to reset their game at the benefit of obtaining rare and powerful items that can be used to progress even further.

    Each floor of the dungeon is comprised of 10 areas. The fifth area is a mini-boss while the tenth and final section is a larger boss. Once the boss is defeated players will have the choice to choose from one of three treasure chests.


    There are ten different sodas that can be purchased in the tavern that will raise reputation and attract different kinds of adventurers.

    Soda NameReputation EarnedSoda Description
    Peasant Pop+1This low quality soda is only fit for sugar junkies.
    Dr. Slurp+20This will please more than just your average junkie.
    Dungeon Mist+50Preferred by good-standing patrons across the land.
    Grappling Grape+50The drink of choice for fighters and brawlers.
    Cherry Charm+60Rumor has it that conjurers can't get enough.
    Holy Fizz+70Healers will travel miles to find this beverage.
    Loot Beer+70A thief would be happy to take this off your hands.
    Questing Cream Soda+80Only serious adventurers need apply.
    Regal Cola+80Appeals to those with rich tastes.
    Drink Zero+90???


    There are eleven different patrons, or adventurers that players can attract to the tavern. Each patron has specific conditions that must be met in order to show up. This entails having a certain amount of reputation and a particular soda purchased.

    PatronUnlock RequirementsPatron Description
    Soda Junkie
    • Stools
    • 0 Tavern Reputation
    This guy is a soda addict, not a fighter. Use as a last resort.
    • Dr. Slurp
    • 50 Tavern Reputation
    He's a vagrant that knows how to defend himself.
    • Dungeon Mist
    • 100 Tavern Reputation
    She's familiar with adventuring, for a price.
    • Grappling Grape
    • 250 Tavern Reputation
    Specializes in brutal physical attacks.
    • Cherry Charm
    • 400 Tavern Reputation
    Wields arcane powers.
    • Holy Fizz
    • 525 Tavern Reputation
    Excels at group healing and the removal of status effects.
    • Loot Beer
    • 650 Tavern Reputation
    Attains extra treasure through questionable means.
    • Questing Cream Soda
    • 750 Tavern Reputation
    A solid companion that is respected throughout the land.
    • Regal Cola
    • 750 Tavern Reputation
    • Drink Zero
    • 800 Tavern Reputation
    • Fury X-Treme
    • 1000 Tavern Reputation


    The relic sodas and tokens
    The relic sodas and tokens

    Relics are special sodas and badges that are earned when moving on to the next dimension. When moving on the player will have a choice of which relic soda is chosen. Along with the 10 relic sodas there are also class specific relic tokens that are obtained in order that power up a specific class.

    • Constitution Cola - +5 HP per relic level for each party member.
    • Vigor Swig - +2ATK per relic level for each party member.
    • Liquid Gold - +1% gold earned per relic level for each party member.
    • True-Strike Soda - +1% crit chance per relic level for each party member.
    • Cauldron Bubble - +3MP per relic level for each party member.
    • Potable Potion - +3% boost to magic attacks per relic level for each party member.
    • Effervessence - +1% essence chance per relic level for each party member.
    • Damage Quench - +2% crit damage per relic level for each party member.
    • Evader-Aid - +1% chance to evade per relic level for each party member.
    • Sip of Vitality - +1HP regen per turn per relic level for each party member.

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