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Soft Drinks, often known as soda, pop, or many other names is a drink that is carbonated and often sugary.

In-Game Uses

Soda Dungeon

In the game Soda Dungeon sodas are used to attract various types of adventurers to the players tavern. They are also used as permanent upgrades following a reset.

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA

Rush 2 featured collectible cans of Mountain Dew that are hidden throughout the game's various tracks. These are used to unlock items in the game.

Fallout Franchise

In the Fallout franchise there is a soda called Nuka-Cola. The item can be obtained and drank in many of the games. There are also variants on the classic Nuka-Cola such as Nuka-Cola Quantum, Cherry Nuka-Cola, and more.

Pokémon Franchise

In the Pokémon franchise soda pop is a healing item that will heal 60hp of a Pokémon.


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