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"Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi!"


Soi Fon is a strict professional. While many soul reapers, even the captains, have a lax attitude about anything that doesn’t involve killing hollow, Soi Fon is just the opposite. Her blade is called Suzumebachi.

Her family is a low-class of nobility bound to the service of Yoruichi, and some of the early flashbacks of her have Soi Fon looking up at her as if to a living Goddess. In her family all that matters is personal strength, and to Soi Fon, Yoruichi is an impossible ideal of that she constantly strives to equal. She rose up in ranks all the way up to Yoruichi's personal bodyguard, even devolving a sisterly kind of relationship with her and finally letting down her guard for someone for
the first time, when Yoruichi fled the soul society to help her friend who had been cast into exile.

Soi fon didn't know this, however. All she knew was that Yoruichi was here one day and gone the next.

She grew twisted and hateful over this betrayal of her trust, vowing to herself to get so much stronger so one day bring her back herself. But secretly she simply wanted to go with her, no matter where that may have been.
Soi Fon Strikes!
Soi Fon Strikes!

When Yoruichi returned she was thrilled. By now she took over her position as squad captain and devolved her own Ban kai , wherein two strikes on the same part of the body result in instant death, as well as pioneering a tremendous secret technique Shunkou (or Flashcry) that perfectly complimented her speed based attacks.

When they fought it was fairly furious. When it was over Yoruichi proved that she not only knew her hidden ace in the hole, but had known about Flashcry centuries earlier. Beaten, Soi Fon finally opened up and told her about her anguish, and Yoruichi comported her.
Shunkou in Action
Shunkou in Action

As time went on they meet occasionally although they run in very different circles.  In these times Soi Fon is very protective of her, sometimes jealous, and generally drops hints she's secretly in love with her. For example, she adores black cats (which are a alternate form of Yoruichi) and on one episode's 'Shinigami-Golden' segment for jokes at the end of the show, she giggles as she hides in a tree and taking photos of her while she bathes at a waterfall. That didn't go so well for her, as Yoruichi knocked her out of the tree with a casual motion and turned the tables with the camera against her futile cries of protest.

Her second in command is a person she has open distain for, unlike most captain-lieutenant relationships.


She has black hair, Dark Blue eyes, stands at 4'11 and weighs all of 83 pounds.
She leads her squad with an iron fist.
She leads her squad with an iron fist.

She was born on February 11th.

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