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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 29, 2002

    Soldat (meaning "soldier" in several languages) is a free, online, 2D, multiplayer, side-scrolling shooter inspired by Liero, Counter-Strike, and Worms.

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    Soldat is a free, 2D side scrolling, multiplayer shooter. The game combines the quick action of Quake, the jet pack feature of Tribes, and also draws inspiration from games such as Worms and Counter-Strike. It was originally inspired by a game called Liero. It features 18 different weapons and 60 maps to frag away on, with full support for user created content. The game was created and is still maintained by Michal Marcinkowski of Poland. It is available as a fully playable shareware download from the official website. Players may optionally pay a one-time fee to unlock additional, mostly aesthetic, features such as: customizable jet flame colors, custom interfaces, changeable screen resolution, and a minimap option.

    The player can choose from 7 gametypes and can mix them up with three different modes. The game has 19 weapons ranging from a simple pistol to a minigun. The player gets to choose a primary weapon before he spawns from a list of 10 weapons. Also, the player starts with a secondary weapon from a list of 4 weapons. Every player starts with standard grenades but can pick up cluster grenades on the map during the game. Another weapon the player can pick up off the map is the flamethrower. During the Rambo mode, players can pick up a bow or use their fists.

    Players can also pick up some other helpful things on the map, medkits to restore your health, extra grenades, bulletproof vest, and three special powerups.


    Game modes

    Soldat has 7 game modes - deathmatch, pointmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, HTF (hold the flag), Infiltration, and Rambo. There are also different ways you can mix up the gametype, Realistic mode, Survival mode, and Advance mode.

    • Deathmatch: The standard deathmatch we all know and love; you kill people until a certain score or time limit, and the person with the most kills wins.
    • Pointmatch: Almost identical to deathmatch, with the addition of a flag that can be controlled by any player. If a player holds the flag, they score two points for each kill. If players can score combo kills (double, triple, multi, etc.) the amount of points recieved doubles.
    • Team Deathmatch: Same thing as deathmatch, except this time with up to 4 teams competing against each other.
    • Capture the Flag: Your objective in this gametype is to get to the other teams base and steal their flag, and bring it back to your base to score points. A team can only score when their own flag has not been captured. There is usually a flag capture limit to decide who wins.
    • Hold the Flag: In this mode, two teams battle it out to gain control of a single flag. Once a team has captured the flag, they gain a point every few seconds. Whichever team reaches a set amount of points first, wins.
    • Infiltration: One team protects the flag while the other tries to steal it from them. The defending team gets 1 point added on to their score every few seconds, and if the attacking team is able to capture the enemy flag and return it to base, they score 30 points.
    • Rambo: There is a Rambo bow in the map somewhere, and everyone is trying to find it. Once you pick it up, you can then kill people in one hit. The point of this is to try to get people working together to take down Rambo, then someone takes the bow and starts racking up points. You can only gain points using the Rambo bow or by killing the player who has it.


    • Realistic mode: Makes weapons more powerful; makes you take damage from falls; you can only see in front of you; weapons have recoil on them; no special bonuses.
    • Survival mode: Emulates Counter Strike's game mode (when you die, you respawn the next round). When this option is combined with the CTF game mode, it is functionally identical to Call of Duty's popular Search and Destroy game mode.
    • Advance mode: You only start out with the secondary weapons, once you kill 2 people, you will get a primary weapon.

    Weapons & Power-ups

    Primary weapons

    • Desert Eagles: Dual Desert Eagles, Fairly short ranged, medium firing rate. small ammo clip, short reload time, medium damage. Shoots from both guns every time you fire
    • HK MP5: Short ranged, very high firing rate, small ammo clip, reloads fasts,low damage.
    • AK-74: Medium range, medium firing rate, big ammo clip, medium reload time, medium damage..
    • Steyer AUG: Medium range, high firing rate, medium ammo clip, medium reload time, medium damage..
    • Spas-12: Short ranged, medium firing rate, small ammo clip, medium long reload time, damage depends on how many bullets in the shoot hits the target.
    • Ruger-77: Long range, high firing rate, small ammo clip, medium reload, high damage.
    • M79: Medium range, slow firing rate, very small ammo clip, medium long reload time, very high damage. Has splash damage.
    • Barret M82A1: Very long range, slow firing rate, medium ammo clip, long reload time, very high damage.
    • M249 (FN Minimi): Medium range, high fire rate, large ammo clip, medium reload time, average damage
    • XM214 Minigun: Long range, high firing rate, very large ammo clip, long reload time, high damage.

    Secondary weapons

    • USSOCOM: Pistol with short range, high firing rate, small clip,short reload time, small/medium damage.
    • Combat knife: Close range, high firing rate, one knife, no reload, very high damage. Can be thrown for short range and player loses knife until he picks it or someone elses up.
    • Chainsaw: Close range, high firing rate, medium/short ammo clip, short reload time, high damage. It runs on gasoline.
    • M72 LAW: Medium/long range, low firing rate, very small ammo clip, long reload time, high damage. Player cant stand and shoot with the LAW.
    • Fists: Close range, average damage. Occurs when no weapon is equipped.
    • Frag Grenades: High AOE damage.

    Special weapons

    • Rambo Bow: Medium range, High firing rate, no clip, short reload time, very high damage, as a alternate firing mode that shoots explosive arrows, slightly longer reload time.
    • Flamethrower: very short range, high firing rate, medium ammo clip, short reload clip, very high damage.


    • Flame God: Makes the player invincible and gives the player the flamethrower, the power-up lasts 10 seconds and when it ends the player loses the flamethrower if he doesn't throw it away before the end of the time.
    • Berserker: Your weapons become four times stronger. Lasts 15 seconds.
    • Predator: Makes you nearly invisible (visually identical to the Predator's invisible effect in the movie) and mutes your weapon.

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