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    Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 04, 2008

    An upcoming hi-definition remake of the 2007 PC space shooter. Updated with new music, easier default difficulty, optional Sixaxis support, and Trophies. Available on the PSN December 4th, 2008.

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    Soldner X is a horizontal scrolling shooter, with 12 different levels, a weapon upgrade system, and trophies. The game was originally released on December 14th 2007 and was released to positive reception by the press with an average rating of 68 on Metacritic (It is important to note that one of the reviews was an outlier and without it the average score is 10 points higher, a 78). The game was slated for release on the PSN alongside the PC version, however it suffered many delays. It was then announced via a press report that an updated version of the game would be released on the PSN October 30th but this was delayed as well. The game was released on December the 4th 2008, almost a complete year after the originally scheduled date. The new PSN version is updated with 1080p High-Definition graphics, 2 player co-op support, and trophies. This game has a total of 13 trophies (1 gold, 3, silver, 9 bronze, 3 of these are hidden). 

    You play the part of a nameless mercenary and bounty hunter who has been given control of a ship, Soldner-X ( the X most likely from the fact that the ship was the tenth prototype of its kind) which was created to try and defeat an enemy which has come fromn the planet Conceyta and its' moon and assimilates both living things and technology.  You are the last pilot and have been given the task of getting to and destorying the core of the enemy.  The tow basic weapons of the Soldner-X are the Pulse and Beam, the pulse being just what the name implies while the beam looks like arcing lightning.  You also get the Bow, Flame, and Rocket.  The Bow arcs all shots towards the middle of the screen while the Flame is a short but destuctive weapon.  The rocket is the most usefull with homing capabilities, but you have to pick up ammo thoughout the levels.  The are 24 different items to pickup with 3 being bad, 20 being good, and one that helps unlock benefis if you collect 5 of them in each world.  The are 4 worlds with 16 stages.


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