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In this 2-D, sidescrolling skiing game, a player draws a slope while an automated stick-figure skier traverses the drawn slope, gaining speed, score, and bonus multipliers successfully jumping or skiing through gates that appear on the mountain. Upcoming objects telegraph themselves with indicators on the right side of the screen along with the distance to the object in question and it is up to the player to mainipulate the terrain in order to cause the passive skier to properly handle the obstacles.


To play this game, the player draws a path on the touchscreen for the skier. If the skier falls off of the bottom of the screen without landing successfully on drawn slope, the game is over. The sidescroll speed increases as the skier gains bonus multiplier, and skis down hills. When the skier is at sufficient speed, drawing a ramp will cause the skier to jump.

On the right of the screen, indicators show approaching objects, including:

  • Gates
  • Electric Fences
  • Tunnels
  • Cliffs

A player will try to ride or jump through as many gates and tunnels as possible as they arrive, as they increase score and bonus multiplier. Electric fences will immediately kill the skier, and cliff areas prevent slope being drawn, so it is necessary to have the skier jumping during cliff sections. In addition, the skier will do tricks while jumping as long as the player is not drawing the slope. This provides a risk/reward situation whereby the player achieves points for not having a path available as long as possible for the skier.

When the player achieves a very high speed, the skier's headphones fall off and the music is muted for the duration.


Points are scored during the general course of play and are increased by traversing gates and tunnels and doing tricks while jumping. Score multiplier is increased for a player jumping or riding through gates and will decay if another action that generates multiplier is not done within a given time period. The remaining time on the scoring multiplier is shown by the length of the skier's rainbow scarf, and this time can be extended by jumping while doing tricks or traversing gates/tunnels.

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