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A road trip down memory lane 2

It was like everybody had the same epiphany: Mario Kart wasn’t what it used to be. Over the years, Mario Kart had begun to more heavily emphasize its party game elements – running the race was becoming less important than knocking your friends around with blue shells. And so, a number of kart racers were born that vowed to “fix” Mario Kart – you had Split/Second, Blur, and ModNation Racers all vying to fill the niche no longer satisfied by plumbers throwing banana peels. But leading this wav...

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed blasts to the front of the pack with its own style and identity. 0

In early 2010, Sega surprised me with the rather good Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, a kart racer developed by Sumo Digital that was fast, great to play and full of quality fan service for Sega fans of any age. It’s also the only title that I can think of in this current console life cycle that came close to the behemoth of kart racing, Nintendo’s flagship Mario Kart series, and if you did not own the Wii, then this was your choice for THE kart racer on the market. Fast forward a couple of y...

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Sega and Sumo hit the nail on the head 0

Do you know why Nintendo aimed being the second console last generation with the underpowered Wii? Because They offer something different than the competitors. Take a look at Mario Kart, such an easy formula to take to another level and make it even better than what Nintendo does with it, but there's no one else quite doing what Mario Kart does. There's the occasional Crash or Diddy Kong Racing, but nothing withstanding.Now Sega is interesting because back in the day they were competing for con...

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Whether you're on the road, water or sky, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed easily speeds past its competition (9/10) 0

Even as a huge Sonic fan, even I rolled my eyes at the idea at the first Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. No, not because Sonic was in a car, but because Mario Kart clones, which is what it looked like, had a very bad reputation such as M&M's Kart Racing. However, much to my surprise, the game was actually a lot of fun with tight controls, nice visuals and fun track design. That's not to say it didn't have its share of flaws though. More than 2 years later and Sumo has given us a sequel to...

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Sonic And SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed Review 0

Publisher: SEGA (Known For: Sonic The Hedgehog, Football Manager Series)Developer: Sumo Digital (F1 2011, Hasbro Family Game Night)In the modern gaming landscape, it would be true to say that SEGA as a company is a mere shadow of its former self. The heady days of the 1990′s when sonic and SEGA could go toe to toe with Nintendo and their mustachioed front man in the console wars and come out with a respectable market share are long gone. As a company, they have tried and largely failed to move i...

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You have been warned. 0

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Xbox 360 is a great game. One of the best kart racers of our generation. Before writing my original review, I basically ended up clearing most of the game over the course of a week: I unlocked every possible racer, finished most of World Tour mode’s missions, and had completed the entire Grand Prix (even mirror tracks). But All-Stars Racing Transformed (ASRT) on the Nintendo 3DS is not that game, and I don’t need to play anywhere near as much of i...

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Transformed Offers a Fun Yet Frustrating Experience 0

The developers at Sumo Digital have tuned up their old car, shoved a jalapeno up the tailpipe, changed the belts, look, whatever generic trope you want to indicate for the existence of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. You know, that Sonic and Sega racing game? They made another one of those.Without a doubt, it’s a better game than the predecessor. It’s more of everything: more vehicles, more characters, better physics, more track variety, and so on. It also does what it can to give char...

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Racing, Transformed 0

Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed somehow manages to be the best and worst racing game I've ever played. Like its predecessor, it is a potential Mario Kart-killer that combines exciting, mindless fun with the need for precision and mastery. It includes everything you'd expect out of a kart racer: a colourful cast, fun power-ups, constant drifting, and the inclusion of boost panels. While Transformed doesn't bring too many new features to the table, it is one of the most innovative racers...

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