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Sonic Blast Man II is a side-scrolling brawler created by Taito that was released in March 1994 for Japan and November 1994 for the US. It was created by Taito and ITL Co Ltd and published by Taito for the Super Nintendo. It is the console-only sequel to Taito's brawler Sonic Blast Man, and has various new features as well as two new playable characters.


The story sets off with Yafu, a being with powerful mental powers, sends on offensive attack on Earth who refers to people of Earth as insects. The superheroes, Captain Choyear, Sonia and of course Sonic Blastman set out to eliminate Yafu and save Earth.



The game plays similar to Final Fight where a character can move in 8 directions across a plane and can walk/dash from the left to right defeating many different enemies. They can also jump to dodge some types of attacks and also roll out of way. The rolling distance can be controlled by either pressing left or right, the rolling distance covered can either be shortened or widened.


The player has a primary attack called "Attack 1" where tapping this button will produce a chain combo for the given character and a secondary attack called "Attack 2" which delivers one strong attack.

Jump attacks can be done as well where:

  • Attack 1 would deliver a weak hit to the opponent but can continue the chain combo.
  • Attack 2 would deliver a strong hit that would knockback the opponent.

Special attacks can also be done which deliver a stronger blow but consumes energy. This is done by either pressing L or R buttons, which would make a sound and make the character flash with a black shadow. After pressing Attack 1, it would produce an attack that would hit enemies on line of sight. Pressing Attack 2 however would attack all enemies on the screen with considerable damage to boot.


The player can choose from the 3 superheroes:


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