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The arcade version is famous for using a boxing glove, instead of the classic controller. It's the player's job to hit the target as hard as possible and battles are won by depleting the enemy's health bar. A mechanical, pressure-sensitive, punch pad is used to cushion the blow. The player is allowed 3 hits to do as much damage as needed. The arcade game ran on the Taito B System arcade board.

The SNES home version plays far more like a regular brawler game instead, as it does not have the boxing glove accessory.

Arcade Stages

The game is split over 5 stages:

  1. A woman being attacked by a thug.
  2. A baby carriage on the freeway, about to be hit by a truck.
  3. A group of terrorists controlling a building.
  4. A gargantuan crab wrecking havoc on a cruise ship.
  5. An asteroid nearing the earth.

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