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    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 30, 2008

    BioWare takes Sonic the Hedgehog in a whole new direction with this DS RPG.

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    Sonic Chronicles is a Role-Playing Game from the folks over at Bioware, best known for their work on other RPGs like Knights of the Old Repulic, Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect. In this turn based RPG you can have up to four characters from the Sonic franchise in your party: including Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and other fan-favorites.


    Sonic and friends have finally defeated Dr.Robotnik, but trouble seems to be brewing in Sonic's world. With Eggman defeated, who could be causing trouble? Sonic and friends, of course, are on the job.


    Sonic Chronicles plays like a traditional RPG, with a few quirks to make it feel more like Sonic. On the games overworld, players will find a number of interaction points, where they must use to proper character to dash around loops, climb walls, fly across gaps, or a variety of other actions. Players also pick up rings on the overworld, which act as the games currency. Puzzles are also found on the overworld, and usually consist of pressing buttons in the right order. Puzzles must be activated before the player can attempt them, and are activated by speaking to an NPC. You can lso give rings to that NPC to receive a tip.

    Each character has four changeable stats and two unchangeable stats. The first four are:

    Speed: Determines the number of turns a character could have in a battle. Also determines how well a character can chase or flee from enemies
    Attack: Determines the accuracy of a character's attack
    Defense: Determines how well a character evades opposing attacks
    Luck: Determines the chance of having a critical hit, and the chance of having an ambush on opponents (have one free turn of attacks) or being ambushed by them (opponents get one free turn of attacks)

    The other two are:

    Damage: Determines how much damage a character naturally dishes out
    Armor: Determines how much damage a character naturally mitigates

    Both of these stats could be found in the Codex in the game. The Codex also gives background to the characters and some important events. Note that the Codex only gives general information about those stats (eg. saying that Sonic has weak damage, E-123 Omega has high armor and damage). 

    Each time a character levels up, they get points (usually 3) for upgrading the first 4 stats. You also get 5 points to upgrade POW moves (5 to buy a new ability, 10 to upgrade already existing POW move, 15 to upgrade a Level 2 move). In addition, sometimes rarely used characters "catch up". That means they level up depending on how far behind they were to the other characters. That also means a lot of points for stats and POW moves.  

    Each character can equip a number of items and Chaos. Players can equip accessories, shoes, and glove items, which boost stats. Characters stats include attack, defense, speed, and luck. Each stat will make characters more powerful as they rise. Players have the opportunity to boost the stat of their choice upon leveling up, as well as putting points into a selected POW ability. Each character hsa unique POW abilities, and some POW abilities require specific characters in the party in order to be used.

    Battles begin when the player encounters and touches an enemy on the overworld. The battle system is turn based, with characters able to take multiple actions every turn. Sonic, for example, has three actions every turn. Characters have a life bar and a POW bar, each being depleted when the character takes damage or uses a POW attack. Players can use a basic attack, a POW attack, defend, use items, or flee. Basic attacks are simple, and require no POW points or player action. POW attacks are more powerful, and will consume POW points when used. POW attacks require special actions using the touch screen, as well. A blend of tapping and dragging the stylus make these attacks a challenge, and will determine how effective they are or if they are executed at all. POW attacks range from combat abilities to healing. Players also must make touch screen actions when enemies use their special abilities.

    When characters defend, they abstain from acting in favor of taking less damage, and charging up POW points. Characters will regain POW points for each turn they have. Characters can also use items, which range from character buffs to replenishing HP and POW points.

    When fleeing, a mini-game occurs where you chase the enemies or vice-versa. You touch the characters for them to jump. You try to jump over the crates or to take rings in the air, and you also try to touch the speed pads on the ground to speed up the team. If you reach the enemy or vice-versa, the fleeing party misses a turn. That means you or the enemy could land a lot of blows on the other side. If the enemy escapes, battle is stopped. If your team escapes, the opponents will be stunned and can't challenge you after they get unstunned.  

    There are many status effects in Sonic Chronicles battles, from old favorites like poison, to new ideas such as distraction. Each has an adverse effect on the character. Alternatively, there are also status buffs, including greater speed or attack. 

    Players take on missions throughout the game, many of which involve gathering items. Most story progression is done through missions. Mission goals are represented on the map by stars, guiding players easily to their destination.

    Another aspect is the collection of Chaos. Chaos begin as eggs, which are scattered across the landscape. After a period of incubation, they will hatch. Each Chao has special attributes to help the player, and can be equipped. For example, Cream the Rabbit's Chao, Cheese, will boost the luck stat of all characters. There are different rarities in the Chaos: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Unique.

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