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    Sonic Generations

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Nov 01, 2011

    Old school and new school collide in this 20th Anniversary celebration of the Sonic franchise.

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    Filled with fanservice, yet flawed, Generations sets a high note 0

    To say that Sonic has seen better days is as overstated as it is obvious. While 2010's Sonic Colors showed that Sonic in three dimensions wasn't an entirely lost cause, the title's odd Wii exclusivity didn't help expose that to more gamers heading into 2011, Sonic's twentieth anniversary.Right from the outset, Generations plucks you back into an HD facsimile of the old "classic" version of Sonic, absent a homing attack or any of the more esoteric power ups Sonic has gained since the Genesis titl...

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    To be this good takes Generations 0

       Few franchises in the entertainment industry have seen as many ups and downs as Sonic the Hedgehog. And yet, some how, for some reason, the little blue guy has endured 20 years of astronomical highs and diabolical lows. Sonic Generations attempts to put a bow on the last two decades of Sonic games, and though it may not be absolutely and entirely perfect in every little detail, Sonic Team has finally managed to create a game that just about anybody can enjoy, with few qualifiers....

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    A Step in the Right Direction 0

    In 1991 Sega’s speedy blue mascot made his debut on the Sega Genesis. He became popular almost immediately spawning numerous sequels and spin-offs. In 2001 Sonic made his transition in 3D as most platforming heroes did. Now we’ve made it to 2011 and Sonic is 20 years old. It’s a common belief within the gaming community that Sonic games haven’t been good for a long time. Some believe that the original 2D games on Sega Genesis were the peak of the hedgehogs career, while others believe it’s Sonic...

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    A cash in with little value to those who aren't long time fans. 0

    IntroductionLet me begin this review by saying I am a very big fan of the Sonic series. I have played just about every game in the main series from Sonic the Hedgehog all the way to this. I enjoyed the originals, both Adventure games, and even the infamous Sonic Unleashed quite a bit. Being a long time fan of this series, I saw Sonic Generations and I was instantly thrilled with the concept. A throwback to older games, as well as a revisit to new ones. What could go wrong?My hype for this game g...

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    Sonic Generations 0

    The fall of “Sonic the Hedgehog” has been a severe one.Sonic was responsible for pushing the Genesis to greater sales than the SNES in the US, but is now shoved into Nintendo mini-game collections where he humiliatingly loses to Mario in foot races.The 2D Sonic games of the Genesis generation are regarded as classics, while the 3D games are largely derided. Playing “Sonic Generations” made me question whether the core mechanics of Sonic were ever really any good or his popularity came from Sega’...

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    Generational Gap. 0

    Surprisingly charming and just straight-up fun to play, Sonic Generations was certainly a good palate cleanser in a world full of guns and gore. I can't say the game is perfect - Sonic games usually fall very short when trying to rekindle what makes them feel so special - BUT I can say that this is easily one of the best attempts to date. I've never had too much enjoyment out of Sonic games, mainly because my patience for the series usually dies after the Green Hill Zone, though, this was a simp...

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    Older, but not Wiser. 0

    The game asks me if I’m ready. I’m not sure if I am. The first time I entered the Chemical Plant Zone, I was a child, playing on a cousin’s Genesis. I was blown away. It was weird, there was unexplained floating platforms, unused catwalks, pink water, and a mutant following me the entire time. But it didn’t have to make sense to me, because it made sense to itself. It was a level in a game that knew who it was, knew what it wanted to be, and did it’s damnedest to be just that.I’m still bathing i...

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    Solid, if somewhat generic title that relies a bit too heavily on nostalgia. 0

    ART STYLE: For 2010, these graphics are average, with some strangely jagged textures. I am a particularly huge opponent of the god-awful washed out “white space” style they employ on the hub world. I find it kind of headache inducing and I wish it were a bit darker.From an art design perspective, the only things that really stood out to me were the 3D reinterpretations of the classic Sonic trilogy’s levels. Otherwise, the style was pretty much copy-pasted from other games.GAM...

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    You don't need to be a Sonic fan to appreciate this game 0

    I am not a huge fan of the Sonic series. Of course, I played the first 3 games on Mega Drive (or Genesis) but never finished any of them. The games got pretty dull for me when they became less about the speed and more about the platforming. So I was not expecting a lot from Sonic Generations. And boy, was I blown away. The game is one of the highlights of 2012 for me. It is absolutely amazing. First, it looks beautiful. You get a great sense of speed going through all the different levels from a...

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    Is it time to put Sonic down? 0

    To say sonic has had a interesting history as a video game would be an understatement. And at 20, there will be many thinking is it time to let the little blue hedgehog have a nice long endless sleep. Now I should say I'm definitely in the ‘old guard’ when it comes to sonic games, being only a few years older than him, my very first memory of a video game is being two and hiding behind a sofa as the counter for air ticks down to death in labyrinth zone. To top that, as a 6 year old, Sonic 3 &amp...

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    3 Time Periods, 2 Blue Blurs, 1 Goal. 0

    Originally written 11-20-11Sonic is thrown a surprise birthday party by his friends. The group are having a good time until some monster appears and kidnaps everyone except for Sonic. The blue blur takes off after this creature with no idea what it is or what's going on. -summaryIntro:Sonic the Hedgehog has been a legend in the gaming world after bursting on to the scene back in the early 90's on the Sega Genesis. His first four games were nothing short of amazing as they featured some airtight...

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    Mixes both new and old into one great Sonic experience 0

    Pros:-Good visuals-Great soundtrack-2-D and 3-D Sonics are both great to play-Lot's of challenges and extras-Stages are dynamic and funCons:-A bit short-Last boss is confusingModern day Sonic games have a bit of a muddy reputation, some fans appreciate them, others absolutely loath them, however in the case of Sonic Generations, SEGA has made a great game that will please all the fans, both the old and the new.Classic or Modern? Both Sonic's are great to playSonic Generations revolves around an ...

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    It's The Best Sonic's Been in a Long While, But Does that Matter? 0

    Sonic Generations is the best Sonic game to come out in a decade, maybe even in two decades. That statement may not mean all that much since Sonic’s brand has been known to be disappointing after Sonic Adventure 2.I admit, that judgment wouldn’t be fair to many Sonic fans who enjoyed his outings in the Sonic Rush games, Sonic Heroes, the Wii Sonic & ____ games, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Colors. I’m not the best person to judge Sonic as a franchise since I haven’t played any Sonic game beyon...

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    Sonic Finally Gets His Groove Back... 0

    Sonic The Hedgehog has been through some tough times this console generation. First there was the disappointing and abysmal 2006 "reboot." Then there was Sonic Unleashed, where half of the game was good, but when Sonic turns into a werehog, things turn for the worst. The Wii exclusive Sonic Colors though gave hope that the franchise is slowing getting its groove back. At this rate, Sonic fans just want to play as Sonic without any gimmicks or distractions from other pointless character...

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    Is the Sonic cycle finally over? 0

    If you’ve been playing Sonic games for the past 10 years I’m sure this is one of the top questions on your mind when you hear that the next sonic is around the corner. It’s been 20 years now since sonic showed up on the Genesis, but he’s been through one tough ride for the past ten years. The transition from 2D to 3D hasn’t been very kind to him, or the fans of the franchise. Ever since his days on the dream cast Sonic’s been through one bad game after another, and for a while it looked like the...

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    A solid show and one of the better Sonic games of late 0

    Sonic fans are some of the most abused fans out there. Time and time again there are lofty promises about some new Sonic game. The fans, like the fools they are, get their hopes up that maybe this time, this time might just be different. Then the game is released and it blows. And the fans have their hopes dashed again. Then the process repeats itself. The short end of the stick to be sure those poor poor Sonic fans. But hey, what if they just throw a bunch of levels from those original good son...

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    A different take on the blue blur. 0

    Originally written 4-10-12Sonic is thrown a surprise birthday party by Tails. They're having a good time until some monster appears ripping apart time and space, which leads to present Sonic and Tails meeting up with their past selves. The blue blurs takes off after this creature with no idea what it is or what's going on. -summaryWhen 2011 came around, the little blue blur had been around for 20 years, and to celebrate his stay in the gaming industry Sega decided to reward the fans with Sonic G...

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    Finally a Half Decent Sonic Game 0

    Sonic, now there is a franchise that has had ups and downs in the last decade. Sega has tried to do there best to make sure Sonic can do as good as the Genesis/Mega Drive days but repeatedly has failed. On the 20 anniversary they hope to set the old hedgehog back on track and they succeed. Sort of.We start off in the Green Hill Zone completely in 2D and the whole nostalgia takes off, the music, the enemies and the overall feel. Sonic feels just what he should be, fast and fun. The next act takes...

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    A good Sonic game! Who'd have thunk it? 0

    I haven't really played a Sonic game since 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog. Why? Because I played 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog. It was god awful. And word of mouth hasn't been too polite to most of the games following it since. But when I saw Sonic Generations staring up at me from the bargain bin I figured... Why not?Give that tired old hedgehog another chance. And while it isn't as awesome as the greats of the series from back in the day, it is no 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a perfectly decent,...

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    Returning to Form 0

    Sonic the Hedgehog. One of gaming's most enduring icons, but not for lack of trying. The past ten years have not been kind to the blue blur. The Dreamcast was canned, attempts to branch out in terms of gameplay from Sonic Heroes to Shadow the Hedgehog produced heavily mixed results, and then it hit its all-time low with Sonic the Hedgehog. But the series has slowly been on the rise again, and on his twentieth anniversary Sonic has a game that can finally satisfy his broken fanbase.The game's gim...

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    Sonic Generations Review 0

    Sonic the Hedgehog as a character could not seem to get the universal acclaim it once had, with each iteration into the era of 3D bringing in more complaints ranging from control issues, gimmicky gameplay decisions, and cringeworthy storylines. With each year, the Sonic fan base’s numbers dwindled, with only those most loyal to the franchise remaining. These fans are rewarded for sticking it out this long, as Sonic Generations is arguably one of the best games in the series since the Dreamcast e...

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    A fully charged spin dash in the right direction. 0

    Sonic Generations is a good game and a deserving entry for the franchise, that much simply must be stated right away considering the history of the franchise. Whether you love them or hate them, the first two Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Sega Mega Drive are two of the most beloved games of the early nineties and created astronomical expectations for the future of the series. Ever since then, the subsequent Sonic games never seemed to grasp exactly what made those early games so fun and enjoy...

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