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To be this good takes Generations


Few franchises in the entertainment industry have seen as many ups and downs as Sonic the Hedgehog. And yet, some how, for some reason, the little blue guy has endured 20 years of astronomical highs and diabolical lows. Sonic Generations attempts to put a bow on the last two decades of Sonic games, and though it may not be absolutely and entirely perfect in every little detail, Sonic Team has finally managed to create a game that just about anybody can enjoy, with few qualifiers. It's a shame, then, that Sonic Generations has to end as quickly as it does - and the prospect of possibly never seeing a Sonic Generations 2 makes me legitimately sad, as the game is good enough that I'm interested in seeing more old levels converted to work in this framework. For more information, please see the attached video review I have created for Sonic Generations.

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