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    Sonic Rivals 2

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 13, 2007

    Exclusive to the PSP, Sonic Rivals 2 was developed by Backbone Entertainment and was supervised by Sega Studio USA.

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    Sonic Rivals 2 is an on-rails racing game for the PSP and the sequel to Sonic Rivals. The game features 8 playable characters from the Sonic universe, with whom you will also be competing against in the game's various challenges.


    The game play in Sonic Rivals is split into two categories-races and battles.


    A powerup you can get.
    A powerup you can get.
    In races you are pit against a member of the sonic universe, rushing as fast as you can to reach the finish line before him. Each level has multiple paths you can take, varying in how fast they will get you ahead. The faster tracks are usually most difficult to get on, requiring quick button presses at certain moments or correctly timed jumps. Throughout the levels are power ups you can collect, which when activated can help you immensely. Some of the power ups you can get are things like freezing your opponent in a block of ice, immobilizing them for a few seconds, or becoming surrounded by magnets that cause rings to attract to you. Using these power ups is one of the many ways you can slow down your rivals so they don't get too far ahead of you. Another way is by attacking your rival when you are near them, which causes them to fall behind and lose rings. Opponents can attack you too though, but you can counteract this by pressing a button at the right time. At the end of each race you are given a letter grade based on how well you did. There are many factors that go into this score such as rings collected, time beaten, and number of attacks you made during the race.


    In battles you must compete against another character to complete a certain objective. There are 6 different types of battle modes where you compete in an arena, containing numerous power ups and rings that respawn constantly. The six types of battle are:
    • Knockout- Be the first to knockout your opponent three times by attacking and using power ups. A character is knocked out when they are hurt while they have no rings.
    • Tag- A game similar to hot potato. Attack your opponent to attach a bomb to him, which starts a countdown. Whoever the bomb is attached to when the time runs out loses.
    • Ring Battle- Collect the the most rings before the timer runs out.
    • King of the Hill- A goal zone is set in which you must stay in to earn points. Whoever reaches the points target first wins.
    • Capture the Chao- Steal your rival's chao from his base and bring it back to yours.
    • Laps Race- Race your opponent around a track for a certain amount of laps. Whoever gets the amount of laps first wins.

    Signature Moves

    In both modes you have the ability to initiate a signature move. Each character has a different one and you can activate it by filling up a meter. To fill the meter up you can collect rings, use boosts, and attack your opponent. Collecting rings is not only important for filling up your signature meter, but for keeping up too. If you are hurt when you have no rings you will be respawned, which sets you back a certain distance and takes up some time.

    Single Player

    Single player is split up into 4 different modes-Story, Single Event, Cup Circuit, and Free Play. Playing through the story mode will unlock more options for you in the other modes.

    Story Mode

    A boss fight in Sonic Rivals 2
    A boss fight in Sonic Rivals 2

    Playing through story mode allows you to progress through the game and unlock levels for other modes. When starting story mode you can choose between four different teams of two, which each member having their own story line . There are 8 worlds you can play through, each consisting of 3 acts and a boss fight. These acts can be made up of races, battles and other challenges. The other challenges are modes where you play alone, with no opponent, and can be things like completing a level in a certain amount of time, or collecting a certain amount of rings in a level. Boss levels are played against an opponent and are won by attacking the boss 6 times before the other character. Between each act a scene will play out through dialog boxes. All the text is voiced by the characters, and are accompanied with pictures of the character's reactions.

    Single Event

    In single event you can play through races and challenges you've beaten in the story mode. You can pick your own character and rival to play against in this mode.

    Cup Circuit

    In this mode you compete in a series of races against an opponent. You can unlock cups by completing characters stories in the story mode.

    Free Play

    This is a mode where you can practice races you've beaten in story mode. You can either try to get a better time or use this mode to collect all the chao hidden throughout the levels.


    There are eight different characters to play as in Sonic Rivals 2, each with their own special abilities. The playable characters are:
    The different teams the characters are in.
    The different teams the characters are in.

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