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    Sonic Rush Adventure

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 27, 2007

    Sonic Rush Adventure is the second Rush game on the Nintendo DS. Sonic must find a way to return to his own dimension, and confront the evil pirate Captain Whisker.

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    Sonic Rush Adventure is the sequel to the previous Nintendo DS title, Sonic Rush Sonic, Blaze and Tails return to defeat a group of Pirates and, inevitably, Dr. Eggman.


    Sky Babylon
    Sky Babylon
    While traveling in Tails' plane, Sonic and Tails encounter a storm. After an engine malfunction, the duo crash in to a Typhoon and wake up on what they think is a desert island. The pair run in to a Raccoon named Marine, who informs them they are on an island called Southern Island, a place they have never heard of before.

    The day after, the pair discover that Marine has built a boat and happen upon her testing it. However, shortly after the boat explodes, and Tails offers to help Marine build another. Marine informs them that she is out of materials, and that the path she uses to get more is blocked off. Sonic offers to go and get the materials, so that they can build a boat and discover where they are.

    After exploring a few islands, gaining materials and building a couple of ships, Sonic runs in to the Pirate leader Captain Whiskers, along with his sidekicks Mini & Mum, trying to steal a Jeweled Scepter. While confronting them, Blaze, the alternate protagonist from the original Sonic Rush, appears and tries to prevent the pirates stealing her races sacred Scepter. Failing to stop them, Sonic, Blaze and the rest of the crew set out the reclaim the Scepter.


    Surfs up!
    Surfs up!
    Sonic Rush Adventure has similar game play mechanics as the first Sonic Rush and follows the same concepts set out in the other Sonic games. Stages are played from a 2D perspective, and Sonic or Blaze must traverse the hazards in the level to get to the end and gain materials to help them build new equipment. Sonic/Blaze is agile, and must roll in to or jump on enemies to defeat them. Sonic is also capable of preforming a Spin Dash (Burst Dash for Blaze), a series staple, and a mid-air Jump Dash (Burst Hover for Blaze).

    The player is also capable of performing tricks, which tie in to the Tension Gauge system. By pressing the B button in mid-air, the player is able to perform tricks. When you want to complete a trick, pressing the A Button will finish the trick and provide a boost in the points earned. You are also able to perform tricks when grinding rails using a combination of the B and R buttons. However, the most effective trick is called the Just Trick and is performed by pressing the A button as soon as you hit the ramp.

    Tension Gauge

    The Tension Gauge is used for super boost within the game and is situated at the left hand side of the screen. To be able to super boost, the Tension Gauge needs to be charged and this can be done in many ways. Whenever you perform trick actions or defeat an enemy the Tension Gauge will charge a little bit. The Tension Gauge will change color from blue, to orange and then red, indicating the amount of energy you have earned. When the red gauge is completely filled and the star icon on top of the gauge is spinning, the boost action can be used freely. However the Tension Gauge will decrease with time or if you have been hit by an enemy and take damage.

    Ships & Sea Chart

    As you play through the levels you collect different materials that Tails uses to build different ships for you to travel on. There are four different ships, each ship with different abilities, different lengths that they can travel and different control schemes. The ships, in the order that you gain them, are:

    • Wave Cyclone. This is a speedy water bike and is perfect for short travels. You control the ship by using the stylus to change directions and the L Button to boost, which will knock enemies out of harms way and prevent them from damaging you. Whilst on this water bike you can collect rings and perform tricks on ramps that gain you extra points. You perform tricks by approaching the ramp and, whilst in mid-air, make the motion indicated on the touch screen using the stylus.
    • Ocean Tornado. This is a sail boat that is designed to travel further out to sea than the Wave Cyclone. However, because this ship is bigger and less agile you cannot sail through shallow areas. Rather than controlling the direction of the ship, like the Wave Cyclone, you control the ships armaments. There are three different weapons on this ship that will help you defeat enemies while at sea. These weapons are a Gun, a Cannon and a Flamethrower. The weapons can be changed by touching the weapon at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the control pad in the corresponding direction. Once the weapon is selected, you simply touch the screen to fire.
    • Aqua Blast. This is a hovercraft that is capable of traveling above shallow areas where it requires quick steering to avoid enemies and different obstacles that you may come across. This ship can fire at enemies and it charges a shot while the stylus is on the Touch Screen, with the shot being fired when you lift the stylus from the Touch Screen. A Charge Gauge in the top right of the screen indicates the power of your next shot. The Aqua Blast can also spin around to defend itself by repelling enemies attacks back and by hitting enemies that just lie on top of the sea.
    • Deep Typhoon. This is a submarine and it travels to distant places on the map. The submarine has a distinct advantage over the other vessels as it travels under the sea and can therefore find secret entrances to the islands. Tails steers the sub so that you can take care of the enemies that will try to kill you. When an enemy approaches you while you are in the sub a Radar Marker will appear. When the smaller target overlaps the Radar maker, you have to touch the marker to take out the enemy. There will often be an enemy that appears where a marker with an arrow appears. To take care of this enemy you must hold the stylus on the marker and follow the enemy to lock on and shoot the enemy. These mechanics are similar to those seen in the game Elite Beat Agents, as they require rhythm based techniques to destroy the targets.

    You plan your route using the sea chart. The sea chart shows all the islands you have discovered, while the rest of the map is covered by a fog-of-war style veil. You are able to draw a route from any of your currently discovered main islands to any point in the ocean.  Only certain ships can travel through specific types of ocean and certain distances, so picking your craft is crucial.

    Boss Stages

    Every main island in the game features two Act stages followed by a Boss Stage. The Boss Stage features a red Boss Gauge which shows the Bosses health. The input you have over the character during these stages reverts to the kind of input which was available in the early sonic games, in that you're only able to run, jump and roll. To defeat each boss, you must find a way to attack the weak point, which is usually indicated by a large glowing gem placed somewhere about the boss. The Boss Stage differs from a regular stage, in that it is often (though not always) laid out in a circle, allowing the player to run all the way around the boss itself.



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