IT'S TRUE!!! Banjo and Kazooie is in Sonic All Stars Racing!!!!

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Sonic and Sega All Star Racing will have console specific characters, and BANJO-KAZOOIE is in the 360 version!!!
That also means that Mario or Link could be in the Wii version, and Sackboy or Ratchet could be in the PS3 version! Well, it's possible....

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This just reminds how Sega completely abandoned all its great Megadrive franchises like SOR once they went to the Saturn and haven't acknowledged them again since.
The game I mean, not this specific news.

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but do you really care?

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Sonic R was better.
Sorry Sega, You're not gonna make the next Mario kart with this one.
Edit: about the Banjo & Kazooie Announcement, i doubt it'd make it a sweeter deal for anyone not yet sold on this game, but i guess for the people who want to get it, i guess it's pretty neato.

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Aww shit.

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Alex Kidd and Gilius are both in the Superstars Tennis game also made by Sumo Digital. I wouldn't say they abandoned their classic franchises as much as.. are poor at selecting which ones to pay homage to with these games.
Then again, the awesomest nostalgia in the tennis game were the game specific courts rather than the playable characters. The Space Harrier one was superb.

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YES! This is sweet! Let's hope they actually do a half decent job on the game and maybe this'll be a buy!  
Not to mention Ryo Hazuki!

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