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Does Sonic take home the gold cup? 0

 As the years have passed, the Mario Kart franchise has slowly shifted its focus from being a wacky racing game to playing more like a party game, akin to Mario Party and its ilk. This has prompted a response from Sega in the form of All-Stars Racing, a game that attempts to blend the “wacky racing” vibe of earlier Mario Karts with gameplay that rewards skilled driving. Though it stumbles on a few minor details, the end result is a worthy adversary to the plumber's kart racing throne. For m...

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Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo Kazooie Review 0

   It’s about time someone made a sequel to Sonic drift!Who doesn’t like kart racing? Lots of studios have used them to show off their mascots over the years: Bomberman, Mega Man, Sims, even Mortal Kombat. This type of game tends to score quite a few more misses than hits as the various studios attempt to dethrone Nintendo’s esteemed Mario Kart franchise. As kart racers go, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing has a lot going for it, over twenty SEGA characters racing across twenty four tracks, you...

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A throwback to when games were fun 0

The idea of this game originally made me cringe, sonic games in the last ten years have been nothing short of abysmal yet I still seem to have a soft spot in my heart for that loveable hedgehog, which inevitably brings me to buy most of the games and be utterly dissapointed.  This game seems to have changed the trend of the recent sonic games and actually be fun and something I recommend for a person of any age, yes their are similarities to mario kart, but honestly the 360 needs a game like thi...

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Kart without the Mario 0

As good of a kart-racer Sonic and Sega All-Stars is, there really is not all that much to say. The controls are solid and responsive, while still feeling arcadey and fun, and the characters feel a little more organic appearing together than in past Sega party games, but for a $50 price tag the game just does not feel like enough.Sega All-Stars racing is definitely one of the better racers out there; a fully featured single player mode, great split-screen and online multiplayer, and missions to k...

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Fantastic Kart Game 0

I love Kart racing games. Obviously my fanboyishness for the genre began with the original Mario Kart for the SNES, and since then, it has become the standard for all Kart games. Many have emulated the concept with either complete failure or minimal success. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, in my opinion, is a success. The basic function of the game is a 8 character cart race. The elements of prize boxes are around (which are basically all knock offs of Mario Kart weapons) which you use to att...

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A Worthy Rival to the Plumber 0

I'm glad to say that the consistently low quality of the main series Sonic the Hedgehog games does not come through in the awkwardly-titled Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (or, as the boxart for the Xbox 360 version seems to imply, the even awkwarder Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie).  It's about as unsubtle at copying the Mario Kart franchise as Saints Row was at copying Grand Theft Auto, but this is no mere rip-off. It do...

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Sonic OutRun 0

On the surface Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing appears to be a cynical attempt to cash in on the success of Mario Kart Wii. However, after popping the disk in you quickly appreciate the level of quality invested in the game. Sumo Digital have created one of the finest kart-racers of this generation by deftly combining the arcade power-sliding of OutRun with the charm and style of SEGA's back catalog of "stars". In fact, after playing Sonic & SEGA 'Racing you will probably be scurrying to pi...

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Sumo Delivers an Decent Kart Racer With Engine Trouble 0

Note: This review is being mirrored from If you have any suggestions about this review or any of my reviews in the future, be sure to leave a comment either here or on PODiMOUTH.     If you’ve heard of Mario Kart you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is like; a mass of Sega mascot characters racing around absurd locals and hurling items at each other to race for first place. Developed by European developer, Sumo Digital, known for de...

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wha! its cant be!! good!!! no, but it is!!1! 0

  So I have to admit now that I was quietly looking forward to the release of s.s.a.s.r, each of the trailers released added more and more fun looking elements. But with that excitement comes high potential of disappointment and with sonic the hedgehog involved there’s high chances of failure and disappointment. Don’t get me wrong I like Sonic and Sega games, but I've bought almost every Sonic game and more and more been burned by his gaming experiences. So indeed there was a good chance this ...

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Reliving the glory of Oldschool Mario Kart days 0

So, I picked up this game expecting to play a cheesier version of Mario Kart, but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun I experienced playing. Is it somewhat of a rip off? Yes. Is it worse than the newer Mario Kart games? No.   Being a huge fan of the originals, (meaning the SNES and N64 versions) I was extremely disappointed by the lack of quality and energy in both Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii. Something felt...missing from both of those games. Sega All Stars Racers had bo...

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A Virtual Nostalgia-splosion 0

It's hard to emulate the success of Mario Kart, as seen by games like Pac-Man World Rally and Crash Tag Team Racing. Sure, they're decent, but they were released in a time where good online kart-racing gameplay just didn't exist. Mario Kart Wii, of course, had to include online, but at times it felt so bad and bugged up that I just wouldn't bother playing it.  And then comes along Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing.  Granted, when you see a game like this, you might just call it a rip-off and move ...

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Standard Kart fair, no more, no less. 0

 What can be said about Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing that hasn’t been said about any other kart racer before it?  In most ways it follows the blueprints laid out by Mario Kart, and while that isn’t inherently a bad thing, they take ballsy to a whole new level in terms of Just how close they followed this plan.   If you’ve played Mario Kart, then you know what to expect from this game.  Theres a power boost available for those with good timing at the beginning of every race, there are special ...

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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 0

 Billy's my boy Looking at recent Sonic games, Unleashed, Sonic the Hedgehog, the games have been a little underwhelming. While I personally found somethings to like in Unleashed, it wasn't a good game at all. But there's something about this racing thing that Sega should really keep their eyes on.      If you've played any Mario Kart game you'll know what to expect here. It's a 8 player game with power ups and fucking cute ass  visuals. I've never been too into any racing game, there's ...

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Nintendo did it first, Sega did it best. 0

It had been established at one point that Nintendo's Super Mario Kart franchise was undisputed king of the Go-Kart racer. While the original Super Mario Kart would clearly be surpassed in terms of quality by Crash Team Racing which starred Sony's Crash Bandicoot. The franchise would go on later to plant its flag as the premier Go-Kart racer anyway. There were very few that could equal or surpass it as each sequel managed to get a little better despite the game having some annoying game play elem...

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Sonic: Now a Speedster on Wheels 0

I was a little cynical when I first read about Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing.  I enjoy kart racing games, but Sonic’s previous racing title, Sonic Riders, did not set a good precedent.  Does All Stars Racing redeem Sega’s racing genre?  Let’s check it out. Developer: Sumo Digital Publisher: Sega Genre: Kart racing Console(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone The verdict: All Stars Racing is a fun, exciting romp that has issues and borders on a little too imitative at times...

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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing > Mario Kart Wii 0

  Sumo Digital, the developer of this game has done really good job with previous Sega titles they developed. This is no different. Calling this game a better game than Mario Kart Wii might not be fair since Mario Kart Wii was released two years before Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. And although this game is a more or less a blatant clone there still enough reasons to buy this game. Especially if you are fond of Sega's characters. As with any Mario Kart you ...

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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 0

By - Craig H.Many publishers and developers have tried to copy Mario Karts gameplay (and success) but, for the most part, all have failed. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing takes a stab at the Nintendo staple and comes out with a great racing game.Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing does not have a story at all but most will not really see a need for one. There is neither back story to be had nor any reason why all these characters are racing each other. The game is an arcade racer, that’s it. The ...

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