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Sonic Chaos is absolutely not what I expected.

I got Sonic Chaos on the release date on VC, and I can say that this game is a disappointment. The “Sonic Spin” move actually did nothing for the game; it just made it simpler! This game is definitely easier than the first and second Sonic Game made for the Sega Master System. I never played this game before, and I made it all the way to the end on my first try. I got 4 continues by the time I got to Dr. Eggman, and in the very end when I was trying to catch him, it told me to try again because I couldn’t get him! I didn’t know I had to chase him! The next time I played it, I beat the game! The music in the game is actually pretty good, which is typical in an older Sonic Game. The boss fights are decent, and the zones are stranger, but both elements are relatively short. The visuals are very nice to be an 8-bit game! I wish that Sonic Chaos could have been a little bit harder than what it is, like the Genesis version and the games before Sonic Chaos released on the Master System. For the first time, I can say that this is an older Sonic Game that I do not like just because it’s too short. Sonic Chaos is not worth $5; you're better off getting Super Mario Bros. 3 or the other two Sonics on the Master System for Virtual Console.

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