Here's an idea for a Sonic game.

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I dunno about you guys, but a video game featuring the Freedom Fighters and the cast of the Sonic Comic would be pretty awesome if they were to come out with one nowadays. 

If I were designing it, I'd want it to have cel-shaded graphics, akin to something more like Wind Waker instead of Jet Set Radio. It would run on the Sonic Generations engine, but I'd also give the game more of an open world feel. The open world wouldn't be limited to 3D control, either. Much like Sonic Generations, there would be certain areas that you'd be travelling on where it would switch to that familiar 2D perspective.

For the layout of the world and the levels, I was thinking something similar to a modern Zelda game. In those games, you see something in the distance and while it's not completely open-world like an Elder Scrolls game, you travel there, load into a different area, and then you're in the place. For this game, it would be like, you see something in the distance, now let me travel towards it. Then it's like "oh, I have to go through this forest area" and you'd jump into there and it'd switch to the 2D perspective. Most paths to different areas of the world would be in these 2D perspectives, with the main parts of those areas being 3D with some 2D perspective stuff thrown in occasionally.

Also, Instead of Sonic collecting rings, I'd simply give him a health system and make it so there's robots to fight along the way. I'd also scatter ponds around the world, in which you could go to collect a power ring. Just like in the show, you could hold onto it, and use it as a power up, but you could only carry one, perhaps two at a time.

For voice acting, I'd ideally go with the original cast of the Saturday morning cartoon (although, I think Jim Cummings, with that iconic voice, is probably pretty expensive at this point.)

For the music, something similar to the Saturday morning cartoon would also be good. A fairly standard incidental orchestral score. Perhaps after some cutscenes as it's going back to gameplay, it could also fade to black and hold for a second, as though it's going to a commercial, and then fade back in to the gameplay.

I think I'm putting way too much thought into this, but who else thinks a game like that could be awesome as long as it was developed well and controlled like a charm?

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