Sonic 4, a16-bit game, anyone?

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Like any gamer born in the eighties, I absolutely adored Mega Man 9. It was a welcome throwback to our lives as kids, chugging coke, falling into pits endless times, and using those strange words you heard in the school yard to vent your anger. As I understand it sold rather well across the virtual console/arcade platforms, and this got me thinking: how about another Sonic done in Genesis graphics?

In my humble opinion the 16-bit graphics of that era have aged rather well, and it'd be the perfect antidote to people who've long grown fed up with the series and how convoluted its storytelling has become. Doesn't anyone else miss the basic premise: find 7 Chaos Emeralds, abuse Tails, stop Robotnik?

I'm possibly part of the minority here, but the particular brand of breakneck speed platforming Sonic epitomized doesn't quite translate well to 3D graphics. So yeah, anyone?! Oh, and I'm assuming that Sonic & Knuckles is the second half of Sonic 3.

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