Sonic crossing-over with Mega Man in comic form.

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The Sonic the Hedgehog comics have been around almost as long as the character. Well to spice things up in Early 2013 Sonic is going to be fighting Mega Man in comics.

Marvel Vs Capcom inspired cover. Awesome.
Marvel Vs Capcom inspired cover. Awesome.
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Kotaku has an interview with one of the artists on the crossover here. I know it is not game news but I figured you guys would still want to know about it. (Sorry if this has been posted here before but I did search for it and didn't find it on Giant Bomb)

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EDIT: Nevermind my last post. Thought this has been going on for awhile, but I guess it was all pre-release stuff. I've been hearing about it for a while now though.

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@JJOR64: I don't think the crossover has begun yet though. It is not going to begin till next year.

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@TepidShark: Edited my last post.

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@JJOR64: Yeah, that's cool. I just realized it was announced back in July, but I still think it was probably a good idea to post it so as to let other duders know about it.

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Wait, wouldn't these two be on the same side?

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@believer258: Alot of one on one crossovers work on the idea of miscommunication. So probably Dr. Robotnik will convince Mega Man that Sonic is evil and Dr. Wily will convince Sonic that Mega Man is evil. Then Sonic and Mega Man will probably fight for a little while before they realize they have both been lied to and then they will team up to take down Robotnik & Wily.

Or at least that is how this Disney Aladdin/Hercules crossover worked:

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Maybe Megaman will do Sonic a favor and put him out of his misery. (Makes gun shooting noises)

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Both are pretty hard to read on their own. I'm sure combined they are amazing though.

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I always really liked the Archie comics, at least leading up to and immediately after Endgame.

The size of the balls on the team that killed Dr Robotnik a decade ago must be fucking enormous. The fact that he NEVER ACTUALLY CAME BACK is amazing unto itself.

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