Summer of Sonic Returns to London

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Summer of Sonic is returning to London to celebrate the world's most popular hedgehog.

Last year the event took place in Covent Garden, demoing upcoming Sonic titles, retro challenges,  game signings and more. This year the organizers are hoping to expand after unfortunately having to turn down fans due to over capacity.

This time round the event is penned in for Saturday 29th August 2009, somewhere in London UK. Richard Jacques has expressed interest in attending once more, famed Crush 40 guitarist Jun Senoue knows of the event and both Sega Europe and Sonic Team's reaction to the previous event was positive.

To get a rough indication of numbers, the Sonic Stadium is requesting a quick comment as to who'd be interested in attending.

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Richard Jacques, is that the same guy who compose music for Jet Grind Radio? if so, I love his work.

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There's still enough stuff on Sonic for a convention of it's own?

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Man, how many furries in Sonic in Tails fursuits with dickholes in them's do you bet is gonna be yiffing at that convention?

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