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2.96 stars 2.96/5 Stars Average score of 23 user reviews spread across 16 releases and 6 DLC

Sonic's history catches up with him. 3

How you'll feel about Sonic Unleashed largely depends on how you feel about Sonic the Hedgehog's foray in to the third dimension. In comparative terms, Unleashed is the best foot forward this franchise has had since the Dreamcast, and if you enjoyed something like Sonic Adventure 2, you'll probably enjoy Sonic Unleashed. Of course, there are more and more people these days who are tired of bad 3D Sonic games, and Sonic Unleashed probably won't change many minds contrary. Though it corrects many ...

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Sonic Still doesn't get it (but this time it's okay.) 0

  GOTTA KEED, SPEED. Sonic Unleashed is a Video game that makes you want to punch yourself repeatedly in the face for liking sonic in the first place. Then you're left wondering for yourself if that was actually a good or a bad thing. Well here's the thing. It's a good game... kind of. It takes the thing that you like most about Sonic in the first place and mixes it with something that, by itself, isn't that bad. Yet when you add it to the Sonic Formula it's a little confusing. On the plus side...

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Sonic the Hedgehog is back and better than ever 2

After loads of amount of Rushed in, half-finished, horrible sonic games, SEGA has decided to take their blue mascot back to his roots, while adding some new gameplay elements. Can Sonic Unleashed be the 1st game with the name "unleashed" in it title that won't suck, yes. Is it the best Sonic game since 2005? Let's find out. The story starts with an epic cutscene where Sonic is fighting against Dr. Eggman. He's captured, then turns Super Sonic and follows Eggman. When Eggman captures Super Sonic,...

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Average 1

Sonic Unleashed is definitely an improvement over Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) which often had bad gameplay, sometimes terrible controls, an annoying amount of loading screens and a bad storyline. However, Sonic Unleashed has improved on that.Sonic's levels are often quite linear, on rails and involve running as fast as possible across the level to the goal, avoiding obstacles, killing enemies, collecting rings and sometimes doing quick time events in the process. While this can sometimes be fun, i...

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Sonic Unleashed (Wii) Review 1

So here's some history, Sonic the Hedgehog debuts on the Sega Genesis in 1991, the year I was born. After this they had Sonic 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. But after this change happened. The Nintendo 64 was out, the Playstation is out and the Sega Dreamcast eventually comes out with Sonic Adventure. This is the long-awaited successor to the Genesis' Sonic & Knuckles and about time too, but to no surprise the game is a success and a fantastic game. Afterward comes Sonic Adventure 2 and base...

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A worthwhile Title in the Sonic Library 0

From my point of view, Sonic Unleashed is essentially 2 different Sonic games put together. Game 1 would be known as the daytime missions, and Game 2 is the night missions. They of course are presented as only 1game as the storyline progresses, but the game-play itself, well, as the box says, is different as night and day. In the Day missions you're regular ol' Sonic, running and jumping. We know it, we love it. In the Night missions you're the newly introduced WereHog version of Sonic. Less ru...

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Sonics final fall... I hope 0

What a fantastic ride sonic the hedgehog has been on over the years, from the unbelievably stunning sonic adventure 2 battle defining 3 dimensional platformers to the contraversial sonic heroes (best on gamecube) and the good old mega drive classics, but what happens when you take away the colour, the charm, the cheesy 80's rock music, the silliness, the amussing american voice acting, and all the solid controlls which where only perfected in adventure 2, well you get sonic unleashed PS2,The fir...

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If you want to have fun playing, don't buy this game. 1

I'm no Sonic fanatic. I've played a few and what I've always enjoyed was the pure speed feeling of the game, as well as the "soap shoes" elements of the game. I got this game without prior knowledge of it a all, because it was on sale for 15 Euros and I needed something to play. Now I know why this game was on sale. The game greets you with a long nonsensical intro in which Sonic has some epic fight with Eggman (wow that's something new) and then suddenly gets converted into a "Werehog" (which i...

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Depends on you. 0

How can I put this...Sonic, since his first 3D game, has had some crazy (as well as lame) adventures. Let's be honest: most of his 3D games are not good and I feel that some people have this bias that every sonic game now sucks. When I came into this, I had to throw out all the biases and come in as neutral as possible to prepare myself for this game. For the most part, all I heard was that this game is terrible in it's own outright. Well, that's not true, but this is one of those games that you...

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Sonic needs to be neutered - there... I said it. 0

Let me start off right away that Sonic Unleashed is one of the biggest "F-U"'s to the fans of any franchise in a long time. At least George Lucas wants Star Wars to be well known with the oh-so-big Skywalker Ranch he has. Here, SEGA puts all of its best effort into a blender with the nastiest elements of past Sonic games - Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (360, PS3), and (whynot) Sonic Arena.     Me not so bad compared to this!  Sonic Unleashed is the latest (and not last) adventure of So...

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Hoggin' 0

I miss the old days. Sonic was a major influence on me as a kid. He's the reason I ever picked up a pencil to draw, and his old games were absolute classics. But things have changed since the death of the Genesis (which didn't go down easy, with all the CD and 32X life support which didn't do much.)  My favorite hog has become a joke after those days, with his developer's inability to make a 3d Sonic game that genuinely works the way it should. The worst known offender being Sonic '06. Sonic has...

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Experiments Killed Dr. Jekyll; Couldn't It Happen to a Hedgehog? 1

Some super-fast blue hedgehog's saving the world from an incredibly stupid "genius" with the help of sacred jewelry; however, a conflict occurs, friendly folk learn valuable lessons, the blue hedgehog begins the realization of the belief in oneself, eventually turning into a super-powered, golden savior, and earth is saved until next year. Sounds a bit "blah" now, doesn't it? Sure, people could always nitpick what is put into these stories, but that's never been the point of what makes a good, o...

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Braydee89 am sad 0

I'm sad because Team Sonic clearly saw that a move back to a 2D plane was the right thing to do, however, they also cannot let go of the idea that Sonic must be some sort of God awful platformer. The day levels are fun and a tip of the hat towards the classic sonic games, the werehog (Were means human, so this is erroneous. But we'll let them off because they're japanese and I enjoy a bit of engrish here and there). In short, this game builds your hopes up, just to repeatedly beat them back down...

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fun game 2

Sonic Unleashed has been getting a lot of bashing on the 360, which I disagree with. With 360 version getting bad scores, I might as Well review the Wii version. It still as the same problems as the 360 version, as well as it’s goods. The game’s story is the same with Dr. Eggman splitting the planet and a being called Dark Gia being released, and Sonic turns into a werehog. In order to save the Planet, Sonic must travel to different temples and restore the powers of the Chao Emeralds. The story ...

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The possibilities are ALMOST neverending. 1

I realized something as I read the other reviews for this game: Most of them are so fucking biased against the Werehog I can't help but laugh. That the day stage mechanics are somehow ruined by a completely different aspect of the game, they say. Infact, the very first review I read of it said the game was ruined simply because the Werehog existed. No, fuck the fact that it may not have played badly, it is a horrible idea and the entire rest of the game should be shunned for this.This game is by...

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Unleashed is utterly competent in every way, except it isn't fun. 2

It's rare that I find myself compelled to write a review for a game, simply because I'm frankly a bit rubbish at writing reviews. Usually when I do write one it's difficult for people to really gauge what my stance is at the end of it.Perhaps I feel a bit obligated to take a firm stand regarding Sonic games however, because I'm the sort of Sonic nut that stops short of writing disturbing fanfiction on the matter, all the while insisting I can keep my head cool enough to offer at least a somewhat...

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Nice Job! Though Leave Out The Werehog Next Time Please -_- 0

 Reviwer's Note: If you're after a full comparison between the versions of Sonic Unleashed check elsewhere as the differences are only mentioned briefly in this review. However the differences between the SD editions by Dimps on Playstation 2 and Wii are analysed instead if you're interested in knowing which the better version to buy is. Keep reading to find out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some might say that in recent a time ther...

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Sonic Unleashed 0

Sonic Unleashed Logo Running and running and running and....Back in 1991 Sega released the very first Sonic game. It was met with big success. It also gave Sega a good mascot that could rival Nintendo's mascot. Jumb 18 years later and Sonic is still one of Segas top sellers and I would say biggest star. Though the Sonic Team has not put out many good ones here in the last couple of years. With Sonic Unleashed, their most recent release, they hit some very high points. But some how it's a mix of...

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Eh.. 1

'Eh..' is the title of this review, because that's how I pretty much feel about the game so far.Sure I haven't played past the first 2 levels, but that's because I feel no sense of importance in the whole thing.The world has been SPLIT APART and all sonic is focused on doing is finding out who some annoying little twat is.The day time stage seemed too fast paced. Hanging flower posts and trees right in our faces, didn't exactly help as you're speeding though some town with pretty bad controls an...

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Sonic unleashed review 0

Sonic unleashed is the first sonic game I ever played, and I think it is a great game but not perfect, here's why. Pros: 1.The day stages are fast and fluid. I only saw the frame rate drop once, and that was during the first boss. The speed was very satisfying. And the levels are the perfect length for the speed at wich you are going. 2. the night levels deliver satisfying combat. There are multiple combos and special moves to unlock. 3.There is a lot to unlock and discover. When you finish the ...

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Much better than the previous game, but could of been better 0

After playing the disaster that was Sonic The Hedgehog 06 I thought I would never see myself playing another new Sonic game, but I figured after seeing the screen shots and trailers for Sonic Unleashed I thought I would save my harshness for the game until I actually played it and to tell you the truth Sonic Unleashed isn't a half bad game, but still it has its problems, but at least the game is better than Sonic 06. First off the story is almost the same as most other Sonic, but this one has a ...

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Sonic Unleashed R3V13VV!!!1 0

      If there is any game that will give you Stockholm syndrome, Sonic Unleash is that game. The day levels are simply a joy as each has great environments and level design. They are not perfect by any means as it will take you a couple of "WTFs!!!!" to get through some levels (the main one here is the ice levels) and the game designers got bored with the 2nd and 3rd Acts and made them very short (completing a couple of them in a minute will give you a "A." ) The jumping and swinging are o...

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SEGAS Fail Game... 0

Surpisingly, comming from a sonic addict like me, i have to say, its really...not as well as i suspected....  At first off the story at the beggining confuses me, its tedious to try and try to figure out. But, youll never get an answer. Im guessing sega went downhill and need a boost. The day levels i can go with, but the camera angle is not as good. I kept dying on the first level. But, it was speedy, fun , and addicting. I also liked their daytime music, it makes me wanna play air guitarist/ d...

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