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184072 Yummylee Game Overview 07/03/15 12:04PM 1 Approved
184071 Yummylee Game Overview formatting. Also, the 'medium' size for images is frankly useless I feel. far too large to not make the accompanying text look awfully squished 07/03/15 12:03PM 23 Approved
103717 birdcat Game Overview Playstation 2 was not listed as a platform under Game Details. 05/02/14 07:11PM 2 Approved
98913 BlackLagoon New Release 04/08/14 05:15PM 7 Approved
98912 BlackLagoon Game Overview PSN. 04/08/14 05:13PM 3 Approved
97108 SpongeBat1 Game Overview 03/29/14 05:54PM 46 Approved
47330 PoisonousParrot Game Overview Added genre, developer, publisher, release date and franchise details. 08/03/13 02:58PM 10 Approved
39468 qbo Game Overview new platforms 06/29/13 11:32AM 7 Approved
1653 egg Game Releases 02/13/13 11:12PM 22 Approved
865 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Why mention two different versions if they're so similar? Wasting space! 02/12/13 10:52PM 6 Approved
862 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Whoops, forgot to get rid of this. 02/12/13 10:48PM 1 Approved
855 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview All of the Sonic articles are too wordy. You can say the same thing with a lot less if you try! Stage screenshots are of inconsistent quality, so I'm removing them, sorry. 02/12/13 10:42PM 54 Approved

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