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    Originally designed for the Sega Genesis, then the 32x, and finally the Saturn, Sonic X-treme was meant to be the first fully realized 3D Sonic title. It was eventually cancelled in 1997 after spending a year in development hell.

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    It was the year 1995 when Michael Kosaka started developing Sonic Xtreme. The Saturn had proven its failure and the Nintendo 64 was soon to be released. Therefore Sega was in desperate need of a Saturn blockbuster, and Sonic Xtreme was that dim light in the dark. Preliminary work began with Sega’s 32X Mega Drive add-on, CD-i presentations were made... But due to inumerous delays and obstacles the game never was released.

    In the beginning of the year 1996 the game developer left the team igniting the large list of difficulties to come in the way of this project. The game had to shift its game engine over and over again, and the staff kept changing as important developers and producers would leave the team.

    The game started to lose its support from Sega and eventually was abandoned. Since this was to be a Christmas blockbuster Sega had to develop another game to "replace" this one, they opted for a Saturn port of Sonic 3D blast.

    Chris Senn would later start "Project S" as an effort to complete the game unofficially. This project was later turned into a community-built original fangame inspired by Senn's work in Sonic X-treme, rather than a straight resuming of the unfinished project. On January 12, 2010 "Project S" was officially cancelled.

    About the game

    Little is known about the game, but according to multiple sources the game was to have 6 levels or more. The stages were: Jade Gully Zone, Red Sands Zone, Crystal Frost Zone, Blue Ocean Zone, Metal Blade Zone, Galaxy Fortress Zone, and Death Egg Zone (Galaxy and Death Egg would be part of the same level). Also, a character named Tiara and her father Gazebo would of played a major role in the game. Tiara would have had been playable, and have her own style of levels seperate of Sonic's. Tiara carried with her a staff/wand and, atypical of official female Sonic characters, did not wear clothes except for shoes. Her color scheme and hairstyle are also reminiscent of Sally Acorn from the Sonic comic book by Archie Comics.

    Paralells in future titles

    Some have speculated that the Egg Golem boss in Sonic Adventure 2 is directly based on concept art for a boss in Sonic Xtreme. Furthermore, the circular, 3D side-scrolling nature of the Egg Golem fight suits what the Xtreme version of this boss might actually have played like had it been created.


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