Who else thinks Sonic X-treme could have been something special?

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For you guys that don't know, Sonic X-treme was a game in development for the Sega Saturn in 1997.  It was suppose to be the first polygonal Sonic game, and I personally still think the concept of what they were going for would work in today's marketplace.
The game's most notable feature was it's use of a "Fish eye lens" effect, which game the game a good sense of speed,  The levels were also designed in such a way that using a d-pad to navigate a 3D world wouldn't feel very cumbersome, you only had to move up and down, or to the left and right, the lack of diagonal movement, I'd expect would work in the game's favor.
Those of you who remember the game "Bug!" on the Sega Saturn had a similar control scheme, except in Sonic X-treme, everything seems to be faster.
I haven't played any unfinished builds or anything of that nature (although they are out there), and I can say as many good things about how the game looks... but you really need to see it in action to get the full effect, so here's a few videos:

Now, do I think they should go back and re-work this game and re-release it? no.
But, I do think the idea is interesting, and I think if they made a new sonic game that controlled like this, and had the same fish-eye lens effect, it'd work a thousand times better than even the ambitious stuff Sega's been doing with Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors.
What do you guys think?  Should Sega attempt something like this, or should they keep it dead and buried?
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At this point, I can't imagine how any Sonic game could possibly live up to expectations and rekindle any honest hope for the series.

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Id be willing to give it a try.
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I remember back in the day when Segafans.com was active, we had a member that was obsessive about Sonic Extreme. He dug up so much info, screens, videos, and even a batch of code at one point that might be the code that ended up out there in the community. Eh, anyways, the game always looked rubbish. This coming from an ex-diehard Segafan. Most likely this game was scrapped for reasons that were legit. It just wasn't any good.

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It looked great for the time.

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