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    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Feb 10, 2009

    49 Sega classics packed into one huge compilation for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and includes a variety of bonus material perfect for the biggest of Sega fans.

    gla55jaw's Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (Xbox 360) review

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    This collection is a lot of fun!

    I've got to admit, this collection of Sega games has brought me a lot of fun (and achievements) in the last few days. I rented this off of GameFly but I moved over to the "Keep" option very quickly as it only cost me $12.16 after tax and my $5 discount (yes GameFly is awesome sometimes). 
    I myself have never owned a Sega Genesis, I was a Nintendo Kid who grew up with a SNES and a GameBoy. My Genesis gaming was set to Sonic 1 and 2, MIchael Jackson's Moonwalker some NHL Hockey Game and maybe a few others that I don't remember.  
    My extent of playing my older games now (other than RPGs) consists of me hooking up my SNES once and year and playing for a few hours until I get bored. But maybe there is something to say about just about all of these games being new to me. 
    I might be biased because I am a sucker for achievements (for some reason), but trying out most of these games just to get the achievements lead to a lot of fun. Most of the games I kept playing long after I gained the achievement. Games like Streets of Rage 3, really is fun and still holds up! Shinobi III kept me from putting the controller down. Flicky was strangely addictive. Columns is a more interesting Tetris style game and the Sonic Games are a given in fun. 
    I played a few hours of Phantasy Star IV and just the fact that there are 4 Phantasy Star games and  2 Shining Force games (3 counting the original Shining in the Darkness) makes this collection worth it to Old School JRPG fans.
    This collection really has a nice taste of different Sega Genesis, Master System and Arcade games. I highly recommend it (especially since it's now $19.99 new and can be found even cheaper used.). This collection really was the most fun I've had playing any video game in a long time. It's great! Get it!

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