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    Sonny Forelli

    Character » appears in 2 games

    He is the Don of the Forelli mob family of the 80's. He is an associate of Tommy Verceitti. Forelli is the main antagonist of Vice City.

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    He is the primary antagonist of the game despite initially being Tommy Vercetti's main ally upon his arrival in Vice City. He sends Tommy down to Florida to both get him out of Liberty City and to ensure a drug deal with Victor and Lance Vance goes according to plan, when it doesn't he tasks Tommy with returning his stolen money and the cocaine he was originally meant to retrieve. After Tommy kills Ricardo Diaz and begins to amass his criminal empire his relationship with Sonny starts to sour, as he is now acting outside of the Forelli's control and disobeying orders to return to Liberty City and surrender control of his newly formed gang. In the game's finale after many phonecalls Sonny and a large numbers of Forellis arrive in Vice City with the plan to kill Tommy. They attack his mansion on Starfish Island and convince Lance Vance who was beginning to resent Tommy and his Alpha role in their partnership into trying to kill Tommy. However Tommy survives and fights a brutal battle killing both Lance and Sonny and maintaining control of Vice City's underworld.

    Vice City: Sonny Forelli Missions

    • An Old Friend
    • Keep Your Friends Close...

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