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    Sons of Korhal

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    The Sons of Korhal was the StarCraft faction that brought the Confederacy's downfall in the original Terran campaign; Rebel Yell. After Rebel Yell they became the Terran Dominion.

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    The Sons of Korhal were formed by Arcturus Mengsk after the Confederacy laid waste to all of Korhal IV with thousands of nuclear warheads launched from orbit. They were forced to do this when Arcturus's father declared Korhal an independant world from Confederate jurisdiction. Knowing if the jewel of the Confederacy succesfully rebelled most worlds would follow; the Confederates ordered the destruction of the planets population to make an example.  
    Mengsk was off-world at the time and vowed to see the destruction of the Confederacy. Several years after the first Zerg attacked Chau Sara, the Sons of Korhal found out about them in a Confederate installation. Later during the Great War, the SoK recovered valuable research done on the Zerg in the Jacob's Installation. From this research they created Psi Emitters, which reached out to Zerg across worlds. Using the Psi Emitters, Arcturus Mengsk destroyed the CMC Delta Squadron on Antiga Prime, and the Confederate capitol; Tarsonis. Those events, all of the Terran worlds were united under the newly formed  Terran Dominion.

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