Andrew House steps down as Sony CEO

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#1 Posted by whur (220 posts) -

Unexpected. I remember seeing his perfectly fluent Japanese in the promo for Hideo Kojima and how warm it felt that this great man was running Sony.

So long, excited to see what’s up with your next adventure.

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#2 Posted by Blackout62 (2195 posts) -

And so another great face for Playstation departs.

Oh well, my video game heart was already taken by one Andrew, that beautiful fallen angel that is EA's Andrew Wilson.

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#3 Posted by soulcake (2820 posts) -

Weird i thought Sony computer entertainment ( the PlayStation part of Sony ) was doing well ? Did he found a football club he could manage as well ?

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#4 Posted by forteexe21 (2034 posts) -

Andrew House was the President and Global CEO of SIE. Kaz Hirai is still the President and CEO of Sony Corporation. Title confused me for a moment.

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#5 Posted by imhungry (1139 posts) -

@soulcake: The released statement implies that he chose to step down to go pursue some other project in the industry and spend more time with his family.

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#6 Posted by VincentVendetta (522 posts) -

So who's gonna take his place?

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#7 Posted by gkhan (1102 posts) -

@soulcake said:

Weird i thought Sony computer entertainment ( the PlayStation part of Sony ) was doing well ? Did he found a football club he could manage as well ?

I wouldn't read anything about the health of Sony into this. It's a stressful job, he's had it for a while, and he probably has all the money in the world already. I can't imagine he was fired.

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@soulcake: I think this is more of a case of an exec stepping away when they are pretty much at the top of their game and achieving a pretty massive milestone. I imagine it opens a lot of opportunities for you when you can say you're coming off of building the number 1 product in your market/industry.

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@soulcake: It is doing well. This is likely him wanting to do something else combined with there being no higher position within Sony for him to go to. So long as Kaz is still around there's a ceiling on how high guys like Andrew House can get.

I hope he stays around in the company. He's a likable personality. He was obviously very business oriented but he had a charm about him.

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#10 Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) -

Seeing him drop that fluent Japanese in the video with Kojima is still one of the coolest surprises I have seen on the business side of gaming.

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#12 Posted by Shindig (4963 posts) -

Jim Ryan's time to shine.

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#13 Posted by RazielCuts (3292 posts) -

Not that I don't believe you but link? How was it cushioned/ presented by Sony or himself?

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Jack Trenton, Adam boyes and Andrew house, So pretty much a lot of the golden boys who helped win over hearts and minds during the rise of the PS4 is now gone (well by next year Andrews out)

Well, hopefully they keep Jim Ryan away from interviews

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#18 Posted by mrfluke (6126 posts) -

@kingbonesaw: If the rise of Jim Ryan will lead to more moments like that, then I’m onboard

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