E3 2010 - Sony Press Conference Discussion

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#1051 Posted by tweetspot (194 posts) -

Twisted Metal definitely looks more interesting with the objectives games and how different specials can be used during those games

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#1052 Posted by WEKS (51 posts) -

The PS Move seems interesting, think of the lightsaber possibilities!

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#1053 Posted by McBradders (161 posts) -

Really disappointed in no Last Guardian. The Twisted Metal reveal was so incredibly underwhelming and certainly didn't look like the showstopper it should have been.
Roll on TGS.

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#1054 Posted by ZandraVandra (323 posts) -

I was sadly a bit underwhelmed at the content on display.  Scott Pilgrim is the one game I'm frothing for, but there was no mention of it.  Still, I can understand why it wouldn't take center stage at that kind of conference.

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#1055 Posted by face15 (1384 posts) -

I thought this was easily the best press conference of the lot. Way pumped for Killzone 3 and they've actually managed to get me excited for Move. Plus KB.

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#1056 Posted by SunKing (715 posts) -

I also think Twisted Metal was a bit of a downer to finish on. Not that it wasn't a surprise or looked terrible, but it felt like a game five years out of place.

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#1057 Posted by Bureksasutlijom (215 posts) -

Portal 2 stole the show.

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#1058 Posted by damnboyadvance (4198 posts) -

PS Move is looking better than I thought it'd be. I might actually buy one.
Not so sure about Playstation Plus. I want to see the feedback first. Besides, I don't buy that much off of PSN, so the discounts are pretty meaningless to me.

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