General Opinion of Sony Press Conference

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#1 Edited by grhud5194 (181 posts) -

Hey everyone, I was wondering because I personally thought it was pretty damn good, but I'm pretty unaware of what the general consensus is on Sony's press conference?
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#2 Posted by Damien (1378 posts) -

I thought it was a little better than par for the course.  They did what they should have done and they did it well.  The Move stuff was good for what it was.  Kevin Butler piece was pretty entertaining.  Twisted Metal reveal was probably my favorite part.  I wants me some online twisted metal.

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#3 Posted by Demyx (3251 posts) -

I enjoyed it. Yay for Portal 2.

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#4 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

i was mostly indifferent to it but it wasn't terrible.

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#5 Posted by TwoOneFive (9791 posts) -

they did a great job overall, but there was room for improvement and i couldve done without some parts. def better than MS, since they showed stuff WORTH showing in regards to motion controls. 

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#6 Posted by mosdl (3422 posts) -

They need to shorten it a bit, less PSP promos might have worked.

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#7 Edited by ryanwho (12011 posts) -

Hour 1 was insufferable. I don't give a fuck about your corporate image rebranding.

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#8 Posted by grhud5194 (181 posts) -

There were a few moments in that conference where I, by myself at home, verbally responded to what had just happened.  When Gabe Newell came onto the stage and started specifically addressing what he has said about the PS3, my jaw hit the floor.  And Kevin Butler was great, which surprised me that he pulled it off live.  But, I could have done without the Move developer interview videos and the PS2 chunk, but overall I would say pretty solid.
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#9 Posted by gunslingerNZ (2009 posts) -

It was hardly a PS2 'chunk', when they first said PS2 my heart sank but it was probably less than 1 minute.

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#11 Posted by grhud5194 (181 posts) -
@gunslingerNZ said:
"It was hardly a PS2 'chunk', when they first said PS2 my heart sank but it was probably less than 1 minute."

Excuse my exaggeration, but you know what I mean.
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#12 Posted by Mariek430 (406 posts) -

Best of the 3, nothing can top the ubi trainwreck BATTLE TAG however.

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#13 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

Arguably better than the Microsoft conference in just about everyway. 
Oh. And Kevin Butler.

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#14 Posted by Red12b (9362 posts) -

I can't flag, can someone flag that dude's post? 
I thought it was ok, a bit too much of a commercial paraded as a press conference, but hey, that's the direction that they are pushing it, at least there wasn't any just awful Riiiiiidge Raaaaacer moments. 
Although, Giant Enemy Crabs do rule all.
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#15 Posted by JoMu (125 posts) -

Didn't really like Marcus the PSP Kid. Way too annoying with none of the charm that Kevin Butler has. Also, I was disappointed that there wasn't time spent on DC Universe Online other than the 2 seconds it took to say it's coming soon. Other than that, not a bad show.

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#16 Posted by MichelleEaley (75 posts) -

I thought the conference was good, but I'm confused. Will the PS3 support 3D games now? I know Sony's making 3D TVs now, so are they going to push for all PS3 games to be 3D?  And are the motion controlled games in 2D or 3D.  Sony presented so many games that I got lost in all the information.

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#17 Posted by Gabriel (4139 posts) -

They still need to work on tightening up the conference, I love Jack but he was up their for 2 1/2 hours. Next year hopefully they won't push MOVE so hard and can trim some time down.

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#18 Posted by ICF_19XX (636 posts) -

I'm concerned about the overall functionality and overall fun of Move in games like SOCOM 4. I will have to wait to see it myself or reviews and/or insight from people I trust. Like, oh I don't know... Giant Bomb.

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