Sony Considered Online-Only Console After PS3

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#151 Posted by ptys (2240 posts) -

PC is the only fully backwards compatible gaming system, I just realised.

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#152 Posted by habibyjohnson (91 posts) -

I cant even believe this was a proposal....Who is running Sony over there?! What possible reason would there be to make an all digital-download console? Why reduce your potential consumer base at all?

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#153 Posted by Neocarbon (25 posts) -

I call bullshit. If this is true, I'm going MS next time!

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#154 Posted by PenguinDust (13093 posts) -

@CouncilSpectre said:

Well, blu-ray is pretty much dead.

Wow, that's wrong.

"Total consumer spending on entertainment will move past $500 billion worldwide by 2014, and packaged media still should account for roughly one-fifth of that, according to data from Futuresource Consulting.

Packaged media still will continue to see year-over-year declines in the next few years, but even by 2014 the combined entertainment spending on online and mobile content won’t match what DVD and Blu-ray Disc can bring in, the research firm predicts. Subscription TV and broadband service entertainment revenues will continue to lead in overall consumer entertainment spending, with box office revenues a distant third.

Futuresource expects 2012 to be the year DVD revenue finally gives up its majority home entertainment stake to Blu-ray, and by 2014 DVD could be just 26% of home entertainment spending, with Blu-ray at 41%. TV-based VOD (18%) and online video (15%) will account for the rest. Futuresource pegs combined spending in those four categories at close to $25 billion by 2014.

By 2014 Futuresource expects close to 83 million connected Blu-ray players in the United States, compared with 14.4 million in 2010, but Americans likely will have more tablets (95.2 million) and certainly more smartphones (267 million)." source

Now it is true that digital distribution is the way of the future. No one is arguing against that eventuality, but for now and through the next few years, Blu-ray will be the preferred format for HD media.

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#155 Posted by Duskwind (146 posts) -

It doesn't matter to me anymore what they do. I remember being so interested in the 360 and PS3 up until a few years ago. Now that I own them both, I've realized that all my favourite games have been done and done better on the PC. It was honestly more of a joy to play Dragon Age: Origins on my crappy laptop that could barely handle the game on low settings than it was on the PS3. I'm sticking solely to PC's from now on.

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#156 Posted by Jabbawocky (107 posts) -

@leejunfan83: I'm with you, although I'm going back to my SNES. Let's restart the original console wars!

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#157 Edited by Blue_Sheild (13 posts) -

To me, that really illustrates what a disappointment BD really is.

Otherwise, hopefully this means, at least, we will be getting day-to-day digital releases on day one, as is the case with Vita. Personally, I am done with physical media.

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#158 Edited by Blue_Sheild (13 posts) -

@MideonNViscera said:

@Hitchenson said:

@MideonNViscera said:

Digital only games suck, cause you can't trade them in.

Surely you can see why Sony would love that.

Of course. If I were a console manufacturer or developer I'd support digital only for that reason alone. Meanwhile we'd be stuck with our digital copies of Duke Nukem Forever for eternity.

Well, the game is called Duke Nukem Forever, so at least it would be living up to its name stake.

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#159 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

As I wrote up in the other thread, it isn't that people don't like disks (debatable) but that they aren't going to the store to buy them as much as they used too. Apple and Valve are getting along just fine selling software and service that have nothing to do with disks and both Activision and EA are starting to go in those directions as well. I will not be surprised in the near future places like Best Buy get out of selling any physical disks or reduce their stock down to "collector editions only" and used games.

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#160 Posted by ProfessorK (883 posts) -

@Cyrisaurus: I don't know if you noticed, but you are making the same point he was >.>

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#161 Posted by RaIdens2 (28 posts) -

ok wanna start seeing new consoles so i hope they are at-least announced at e3 and they treat like they have in the past, cause Im sick an tired of rumors and speculation and talking about all of this like its fact.

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#162 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (669 posts) -

I think it was a good decision. Not everyone is going to have the internet connection needed for a download only console. I guess they had to weigh anti-piracy against not actually selling the console. Looks like selling more wins, which makes sense.

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#163 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7655 posts) -

@EXTomar said:

As I wrote up in the other thread, it isn't that people don't like disks (debatable) but that they aren't going to the store to buy them as much as they used too. Apple and Valve are getting along just fine selling software and service that have nothing to do with disks and both Activision and EA are starting to go in those directions as well. I will not be surprised in the near future places like Best Buy get out of selling any physical disks or reduce their stock down to "collector editions only" and used games.

I foresee the day, in maybe five years, when the downloadable game business is so profitable and mainstream that the game companies start to reduce allotments of pressed discs. First it will be harder to find a disc, but in seven years discs will be boutique item that cost more to purchase. It won't be downloadable games cost the same as discs, but rather disc games now cost $120.

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#164 Posted by PhilipDuck (757 posts) -

@tourgen said:

@PhilipDuck said:

Very risky but i would personally love it! I think if one of the big three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) can begin to mimic what Valve has done with Steam it would be great. One day!

dude, they have absolutely no interest in mimicking what valve has done. Unless you mean allowing GOG, Gamer's Gate, etc. to distribute on their console too. Come on people. Use your heads.

Lmao carm down, don't pop ma man

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#165 Posted by Sugar (35 posts) -

Split the user base. Why not offer a variation without the drive? Test the waters.

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#166 Posted by firecracker22 (728 posts) -

I think the biggest step in taking things to that level, and having games as download-only, is getting as many people connected to PSN as humanely possible.

Something like what Microsoft is doing with the 360 by getting people to pay a monthly price for the system and roll that into the monthly subscription for XBL.

It's an interesting idea, that Sony wanted to go that route. But, makes sense that they didn't yet. I think it's too soon to try it.

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#167 Posted by wardcleaver (332 posts) -

@DriftSPace said:


The problem is that I don't think the prices will ever drop, because that's not how corporations think; why would they pass-on the savings of eliminating physical production, shipping, and distribution when they can keep the prices the same and pocket the extra cash? They will justify it by saying "prices won't go up for consumers," which they will sell like they are doing us (and the environment by the way, because all that physical media eventually ends-up in a landfill) a favor. Why would a multi-national corporation not choose less-cost/more-profit with "no financial impact" on the consumer over less-cost/slightly-less-profit just to kick regular folks a few extra bucks per transaction? Seriously, the suits think more money for them with no change to your "service charge" is the best outcome ... or at least a close second to: more money for them, and ever-decreasing service which you hopefully will not notice until you're paying for basically nothing.

This simply ignores history. Almost everything has become less expensive in real dollars. Not only that, but while becoming cheaper, things have gotten better.

The first cell phones were big, bulky, had limited range, and cost around $4000 in 1980 US dollars (the DynaTac 8000X by Motorola), with only the wealthy being able to afford them. Now we have 3G, 4G, and almost everyone can afford one (or two, or three).

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#168 Posted by Napalm (9227 posts) -

@Sooty said:

@Napalm said:

@DriftSPace: I'm not dropping sixty dollars on a brand new, digital videogame.

Oh yeah, I mean that plastic box and 5 page manual really adds to the value proposition. Truly!


I don't even understand what your direction is with this comment. I'd prefer to go digital, but I won't if the prices are still the same.

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#169 Posted by groundbeef (117 posts) -

They just said no to download only, which is not the same thing as online only ala Diablo 3 (I think SC2 as well). Speeds may not be up to snuff for full game downloads/streams, but I would imagine a persistent periodic DRM check would not be hard to do. Sony has been obsessed with countering piracy for a long time now, and it would be reasonable to assume anyone who would own a ps4 would have at least basic internet in this day and age.

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#170 Posted by SolidTy (2 posts) -

I don't believe this would have worked, Sony knows like Nintendo and Xbox that over half those that buy consoles don't take those machines online.

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#171 Edited by Mildor (2 posts) -

Of course is to dumb, risky & naive. Thats why wall street scwd in the 2006. Their perception of the world is pinky for these lady guys. Outside of USA Japan and some countries in EU not everyone has internet in their homes or their internet service it is not in the same place as the TV or the internet couldnt be routed to the console.

Personally such decision might finally free me of my vice since I it is not a choice to me to buy a console which does not have a port to enter a physical format in this case the blu ray also will be this such a dumb strategy that console would not have the backward capability and then that you cant play if you re not online. You dont need to have a MIT or PHD to forecast a worst fall that the one Sony had in the current console gen. In fact I think this people will need a brain transplant since apparently they are not aware what Harakiri means.

Dont know the recently generation of gamers and the newcomers but i assure that the ones who grow with the cartridges era will not accept a imposition to just have the possibility of be owner of a invisible product, stored in a untouched high risky almost invisible warehouse.

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#172 Posted by YeahImJordan (221 posts) -

I just wish they would offer a a same day digital release with every game. I don't need anymore physical media, but its also annoying when the digital version is not cheaper than the physical copy.

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#173 Edited by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -
No Caption Provided

It won't look like that but it would be alsome if it did.

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#174 Posted by troll93 (534 posts) -
@DoctorWelch:  Two reasons, firstly it's the old 'government spending money, not on my watch!' argument, not helped by the opposition leader constantly lying about the costs, . The cost is negligible, a $25 billion loan over 10 years to be paid back, rolling out fibber to house for 93% of the population, and fixed wireless and satellite for the rest. When you factor in our 1.5 trillion dollar economy and being one of the, if not the most positive economy in the western world right now, this is a no brainier. 
The other thing is that the opposition here in Australia are trying to copy the republicans over in the US, trying to shut down parlement because they didn't win. One nice side of it is that it is butchering the opposition leaders personal polls, so maybe they will learn to shut the fuck up and wait for there turn in government. 
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#175 Posted by P_Pigly_Hogswine (104 posts) -

@SolidTy: I'd be curious to know how many games are purchased by people who don't go online vs those that do. They may decide people who never connect online aren't worth it. Generally they run at a loss on consoles. Games and online services is where they make the cash. And all this online pass stuff to play games online is pointing towards a DL only model. Thing that sucks the most is that in Australia, our internet is slow as shit so downloading all games will take ages. I even had to upload this reply overnight.

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#176 Posted by toasty0909 (2 posts) -

good luck with that, sony has proven time and time again that it cant do online right, that's why it's online service is a joke.

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