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    Sony ZN-1

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    An arcade system board by Sony based on PlayStation hardware. Used primarily by Capcom, Tecmo, and Taito throughout the mid-to-late 1990's and early 2000's.

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    ZN-1 (commonly known as the Sony ZN-1) is an arcade system board by Sony that is based on their PlayStation hardware and was used in a variety of arcade games from multiple companies from 1995 to 2004.

    Unlike most other system boards, the manufacturer (Sony) did not promote it openly or use a public branding of it. It also went by multiple names based on the game publisher, with the common name "ZN-1" based on the Capcom version. Some of these versions also include different hardware configurations, such as custom BIOS and sound chips. While Namco's System 11 also uses PS1 hardware, it is considered an entirely different system board.

    While it is based on PS1 hardware, the games do not use CD-based loading. Similar to the Sega ST-V, which uses Saturn hardware, most games use swappable ROM boards. Some games were distributed as hard drives, while all Taito G-Net games use PCMCIA cards.

    The game later received an updated model, known as either the ZN-2 or Taito G-NET, with an enhanced CPU clock speed.

    Game List

    Capcom ZN-1 / ZN-2

    1995 (ZN-1)

    1996 (ZN-1)

    1997 (ZN-1)

    1997 (ZN-2)

    1998 (ZN-2)

    1999 (ZN-2)

    Taito FX System / G-NET

    1995 (FX)

    1996 (FX)

    1997 (FX)

    • Fighters' Impact A
    • G Darius
    • G Darius Ver. 2
    • Magical Date EX

    1998 (G-NET)

    1999 (G-NET)

    2000 (G-NET)

    2001 (G-NET)

    2002 (G-NET)

    2003 (G-NET)

    2004 (G-NET)

    Tecmo Play System

    1997 (TPS)

    1998 (TPS)

    1999 (TPS)

    2000 (TPS)

    2001 (TPS)

    • Monster Farm Jump

    ZN-1 Other


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