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    Sorcerer's Kingdom

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 07, 1992

    An RPG developed by Masaya exclusively for the Sega Genesis. A nameless adventurer journeys around their home kingdom, helping those in need.

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    Sorcerer's Kingdom (JP: Sorcer Kingdom) is a turn-based RPG for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The protagonist (and, later, his party) roams around their kingdom to assist villagers with their local monster problems.

    The combat engine uses a seamless tactical RPG format, where the party moves around an overworld which only turns into a battle grid once combat is initiated. Characters then move around this grid and fight enemies in range. Only one player character may move per turn, whereas every enemy gets to move on theirs; however, this is offset by how much stronger the player's party can grow and the versatility of its team-members' skills. Once an area's mission is complete, a sword icon for that region appears on the player's map, which indicates that they are to return to the local King and receive a new rank as well as directions to the next quest.


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