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    Soren is the straightforward mage from the Greil Mercenaries in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He acts as tactician and staff officer for Ike in both games.

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     Soren first appears in Path of Radiance is Chapter 4 where he is a "Wind Mage," and he is first seen in Radiant Dawn in the prologue of Part 3 as a "Wind Sage." He starts with the skill "Adept" which has a chance of giving him an extra attack on any turn.
    Soren is known for being very upfront which can make him seem very rude at times. In Path of Radiance he often presents a more cynical perspective on events than the other characters, and has little respect for anyone other than Ike, for whom he holds great loyalty.

    Spoilers follow:
    It is revealed in Soren's support conversations that he is actually one of the  Branded (he was born with both beorc and laguz blood), though he tries to conceal this fact. He never knew his parents, having been raised by an unrelated woman who disdained him, and sold him to an old Sage when he was very young. The Sage wanted to pass on his knowledge of magic, and had mistaken the mark on Soren's forehead for that of a Spirit Charmer, one who had sold his soul to a spirit in exchange for magical power. He realized his mistake, but still taught Soren magic until his death two years later. Following the death of his teacher, Soren wandered the country of Gallia, where, as one of the Branded, he was shunned by the laguz and persecuted by the beorc. The exception was one child, Ike, who offered him food and kindness. After that meeting, Soren made it his goal to find Ike again, and succeeded several years later. Though Ike did not remember him, Soren joined the Greil Mercenaries and followed Ike devotedly from that time forward.

    Soren as seen in both games
    Soren as seen in both games

    It is revealed through a special conversation in the epilogue of Radiant Dawn, that Soren, not Pelleas as previously believed, is actually the Prince of Daein, son of Almedha (the daughter of Dheginsea, the King of the Dragon Laguz), and Ashnard (the late King of Daein), hence his mixed blood. Soren himself never learns this.

    If the player has an A-Rank support between Ike and Soren from both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn and has activated the event wherein Ike regains his lost memories, a special scene between the two can be seen in the final chapter of Radiant Dawn. An A support between Ike and Soren in Radiant Dawn will also change Soren's ending: if they have an A support, Soren leaves Tellius for good alongside Ike, if not, Soren remains in Tellius and abandons his work as a tactician.

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