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    A young thief who becomes entangled in the Mad King's War. He searches for and eventually finds Micaiah.

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    In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Sothe is a stowaway who looks for someone important to him, someone who is like family. Ike can choose whether or not to take sympathy and recruit the young thief. (Despite whatever choice the player picks, it would appear that Ike's choice to recruit Sothe is canon in the sequel)

    Micaiah and little Sothe
    Micaiah and little Sothe

    In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, it is revealed that the person Sothe is searching for is Micaiah. As it turns out, Micaiah had picked him up as a young boy in Nevassa and looked after him. He managed to make a living by stealing. Micaiah had to leave him during the Mad King's war in what she believed was to protect him if anyone ever found out that she was a Branded. When Sothe finds her again after the war, he tells her how upset he was that she had gone Goddess knows where and left him all alone. Micaiah realizes how important she really was to him and promises that she'll never leave him again.

    Despite this almost mother-son relationship depicted in the story, their actual cover is that Sothe is Micaiah's "little brother", even though Sothe's older appearance in Radiant Dawn contradicts this.

    Although, throughout the game, Sothe and Micaiah tend to argue over Sothe's huge admiration for Ike and Micaiah's blaming Ike for the disorder that her beloved country has suffered. And yet, Sothe's wish to protect her keeps him by her side no matter what. They would later form the Dawn Brigade, and Sothe would have to fight against Ike, the one he looked up to so much...

    It works out, though. When there is war and a lot of death, then there is too much chaos in the world, and the medallion glows wildly. Micaiah then goes towards it in order to waken the god inside of it, which worries Sothe because Micaiah walks into enemy territory in order to do it. Ike then tells Sothe to shut up and watch as Micaiah sings the Galdr of Release in order to wake the god after Mist and Sanaki fail to calm it. Ashera, the Goddess of Order, then wakes up and petrifies everyone. Yune, Goddess of Chaos and counterpart to Ashera, awakens as well and saves the "Chosen Ones" from Ashera's petrification.

    However, by doing so, Yune takes Micaiah as a vessel much to Ike's shock and Sothe's horror. When Yune does this, she has no sympathy for the two and does what she feels is needed. And what is needed is to travel to the Tower of Rebirth and defeat Ashera in order to return everyone to normal. Sothe still stays by Yune/Micaiah's side, but only really talks with Micaiah when Yune leaves her to rest, which appears to make Yune jealous, but the two come to an understanding when Yune tells him to always protect Micaiah. After they defeat Ashera, Sothe will marry Micaiah if they have an A support.


    "No offense, Tormod, but thieves are loners. I can't have you tagging along, snapping twigs and making lots of noise!" -- Sothe, in his A support conversation with Tormod

    In Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Sothe prefers to be by himself. He also appears to have a strong dislike for nobles, considering that he is poor and has to steal for a living while nobles do nothing to earn a living and are generally selfish.

    But he is only a child, and he starts to mature if the player chooses to make him have a support with either of his optional two supports. Sothe also dislikes laguz, but Ike admonishes him for this.

    In Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Sothe seems to have matured, no longer calling laguz "sub-humans" and appears to be calmer as well. He also seems to not smile all that much. Sothe is also incredibly protective of Micaiah, and as Jarod comments, "[you're] the kid who's always with [Micaiah]" He stays by her side for the entirety of the game. Of course, they do have their arguments. Sothe has a rather healthy admiration for Ike which aggravates Micaiah to the point that she refers to Ike as the "father of Sothe's children". Later in the game, when the Black Knight comes to protect Micaiah, Sothe becomes annoyed at the new rivalry and at how the Black Knight tells him that he can't entrust Micaiah's safety to Sothe because he is not strong enough. Sothe is annoyed again when Yune takes Micaiah as a vessel and avoids him when he mistakenly calls her a dark god.

    Despite the fact that Micaiah notes how Sothe does not smile much, it appears that Sothe smiles when the people he fought with under Ike meet him again. This is noted when Sothe talks with Jill, Zihark, Tauroneo, Muarim, and Tormod.

    Military affiliation

    In both games, Sothe will stay in his affiliated army and never change sides.

    In Path of Radiance, Sothe will fight under Ike's command.

    In Radiant Dawn, Sothe will stay with Micaiah. No matter what.


    In Path of Radiance, Sothe starts as a level one thief. He will be unable to promote. He can, however, steal items if he is fast and strong enough. He can also pick locks and treasure chests for free, unlike Volke.

    In Radiant Dawn, Sothe starts as a Second Tier level one Rogue and comes with the preassigned skill, Guard. Since he is somewhat of a "lord" character, he will have a forced storyline promotion and a portrait change. After the Part Four Prologue is cleared, Yune will promote Sothe to the Third Tier Whisper Class. And Sothe's outfit will be slightly more revealing... He will also gain the Mastery Skill, Bane.

    On another note, Sothe's luck cap as a Rogues is higher than his luck cap as a Whisper, so when he promotes to Whisper, then a negative gain may appear on his luck stat. How odd...


    Sothe has a total of two supports: Astrid and Tormod. It has been suggested that it was planned for Sothe to have supports with Volke (both are thieves and prefer to be alone), Haar (both are from Daein, the country they must fight), and Janaff (most likely because Sothe is initially racist. This may have been cut because Janaff already has a conversation with Shinon that deals with this subject) These supports were still cut out for whatever reason.

    In his support conversation with Astrid, Sothe appears to dislike her because of her noble lineage even though all she did was try and make friends with him. He asks her why she's in this war if she's a noble, the kind of person that does nothing to earn a living and has probably never fought for their life before. She gives no answer. Later, she passes out from fighting too much, and Sothe warns her not to overdo it. She, however, tells him that she had no idea what war was really like and that she's struggling to keep up with it. Sothe asks her again what she's doing in this war if she's a noble. She tells him that it is to escape a restricted life and an arranged marriage. She joined some knights in Begnion, but her family scoffed at the idea and expected to come back home crying. She says she won't give them the satisfaction. Sothe apologizes to her, telling her that he was wrong to think of her as another pampered noble because she actually works hard. She thanks him for talking with her. They become friends, and he tells her to keep fighting for her freedom.

    In his support conversation with Tormod, the fire mage comments on Sothe's ability as a thief and asks him why he's fighting in the army. Sothe brushes him off by telling him that he doesn't need to know. Later, Tormod asks Sothe to be his friend since they are both the same age. Sothe again brushes him off with an "I don't think so". Tormod, however, persists in his attempts, much to Sothe's annoyance. Sothe eventually asks Tormod why he wants to be friends with him. Tormod explains that since his foster father, Muarim, is a laguz, Muarim blames himself for the fact that Tormod does not have any beorc friends. Tormod didn't want him to look so sad anymore, so he wanted Sothe to be his friend. Sothe asks him why he didn't just say that in the first place. Tormod wonders why that changes anything, and Sothe explains that he understands why anyone wouldn't want to worry someone who's like family. He also vaguely alludes to how he has someone who is a lot like a parent to him. Tormod cheerfully tells Sothe that since they must have grown up so similarly, then they will be best friends. Sothe tells him not to get any big ideas. They'll talk...sometimes, but they're not best friends. To which Tormod questions "But why not?!" Sothe then quotes the line under the Personality header in this article.

    In Radiant Dawn, he can support with anyone, but he has a default A support with Micaiah. The player will have to delete this support if they wish to have him support with someone else.

    In his C support, he will tell the unit that he is here if they need him. In his B support, he suggests teaming up because he think they will be stronger this way. In his A support, he will tell the unit to stay with him always because he will protect them with all he's got and never leave them again.

    As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Sothe were to have a support with certain characters, then he would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

    The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

    • Aran, Nolan, Edward, Leonardo (all are part of the Dawn Brigade)
    • Micaiah (his default A support. Obvious)
    • Volke (they cut his support with Volke again...)
    • Naesala (no clue)
    • Kurthnaga (probably because he helps Micaiah)
    • Ike ("the father of Sothe's children." Obvious)
    • Muarim (probably because the laguz might thank him for being friends with his little one)
    • Tormod (they're best friends)
    • Astrid (one of his supports in Path of Radiance)

    Unit Data

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

    Base Stats

    Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
    • Starting class: Thief
    • Affinity: Wind
    • HP: 20
    • Strength: 5
    • Magic: 1
    • Skill: 7
    • Speed: 11
    • Luck: 5
    • Defense: 4
    • Resistance: 0
    • Constitution/Build: 8
    • Weight: 8
    • Movement: 7
    • Weapon grade: Knives - N/A
    • Starting class: Rogue
    • Affinity: Unchanged (Wind)
    • HP: 35
    • Strength: 18
    • Magic: 4
    • Skill: 20
    • Speed: 20
    • Luck: 15
    • Defense: 14
    • Resistance: 9
    • Constitution/Build: 8
    • Weight: 8
    • Movement: 7
    • Weapon grade: Knives - B

    *Base Stats (If Sothe maxed out stats in Path of Radiance)

    • Starting class: Rogue
    • Affinity: Unchanged (Wind)
    • HP: 40
    • Strength: 20
    • Magic: 15
    • Skill: 20
    • Speed: 20
    • Luck: 40
    • Defense: 20
    • Resistance: 15
    • Constitution/Build: 8
    • Weight: 8
    • Movement: 7
    • Weapon grade: Knives - B

    Growth Rates

    Path of Radiance

    Without BlossomWith Blossom
    • Health: 60%
    • Strength: 55%
    • Magic: 10%
    • Skill: 70%
    • Speed: 65%
    • Luck: 55%
    • Defense: 35%
    • Resistance: 30%
    • Health: 66.3%
    • Strength: 61.1%
    • Magic: 11.1%
    • Skill: 77.8%
    • Speed: 72%
    • Luck: 61.1%
    • Defense: 38.9%
    • Resistance: 33.3%

    Radiant Dawn

    • Health: 30%
    • Strength: 60%
    • Magic: 20%
    • Skill: 80%
    • Speed: 70%
    • Luck: 65%
    • Defense: 20%
    • Resistance: 30%


    Sothe has two potential endings at the end of the game. They are as follows:

    Zephyr - Sothe

    Becoming a pillar of strength for Queen Micaiah, Sothe worked tirelessly to assist the poor and downtrodden.

    Sothe (A support with Micaiah)

    Becoming Queen Micaiah's husband and her pillar of support, Sothe worked tirelessly to assist the poor.

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    Sothe makes a cameo as a trophy and sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl game.

    Trophy's Description

    Sothe Trophy (SSBB)
    Sothe Trophy (SSBB)

    "A skilled swordsman, thief, and member of the Dawn Brigade, a band of freedom fighters operating out of the old Daein capital, Nevassa. Although not related to Micaiah, the light-magic-dealing leader of the Dawn Brigade, he was raised like a brother and considers her safety his top priority. He grows from boy to young man between "Path of Radiance" and "Radiant Dawn."

    Typo: In the description, Sothe is skilled in knives, not swords.

    His sticker grants 105 points towards flinch resistance for any character in the game.


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