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    Soul Chamber

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    Mortal Kombat 3 arena in which soul columns twisted up cavernous open mouths of carved rock. A successful uppercut in the Soul Chamber landed the players in The Balcony above.

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    The Soul Chamber is a classic stage in MK3 and easily recognizable. It’s creepy visuals hone in on Shang Tsung and the soul-reaping element in the storyline. Stoic, living rock faces in the far ground open wide maws showing twisting spirals of green souls smoothly pouring upward as endless geysers.
    The MK3 the Soul Chamber is the basement to The Balcony. Connect successfully with and uppercut in the Soul Chamber and the fight heads upstairs.

    give me your soul... and a manicure.
    give me your soul... and a manicure.


    MK3, and MK Gold, and MK Deception. The stage is nearly identical across its appearances.

    Death Traps



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