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Sony put up the Japanese announcement of Soul Sacrifice on their Youtube channel.  They have someone translating into English, but it's still a bit difficult to understand sometimes.  Anyway, here's the stuff.
  First Video


I'm not really sure what to make of the whole sacrifice mechanic.  I don't feel like it's explained very well by the presentation, or the gameplay they showed.  Outside of giving up a life to use a super-powerful spell, I don't understand how it influences the game moment-to-moment.  I would say that the cooperative element gives it a Monster Hunter vibe, but pretty much every game has a cooperative mode now, so it seems a bit silly to suggest that.  There doesn't appear to be a ton of interaction between the players, but I think you can see one player revive another toward the end of that third video.  I get the impression that this game won't be much fun at all to play by yourself.
Also, Excalibur.
EDIT:  For whatever reason, I cannot embed the first video.  Instead I just linked to the Youtube page.
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Maybe Sunday was just a bad time to post this?  I'm sure somebody out there has to have some interest in this.

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I'll buy that.

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I'd hit that.

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Looks great, think I'll get me a vita over the next few months.

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looks damn amazing

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