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Oh,Soul Calibur IV,I love you.

Soul Calibur IV has been highly anticipated by,not only me,but many other gamers.But does it live up to the hype?Let's see if I think it does...

Well the story goes like the DOA games.You choose a character and go through a short story then take ona  tough boss fight.But from what I remember the DOA's characters story's wasn't entirely interesting,but these story are put together pretty well.Especially The Apprentice's story,you have to buy this game just to see how his short story end's.But now for the ton's of other stuff.Well there is a tower you can ascend and the enemies get tougher and tougher,but when you conquer it you can then descend it and take on hordes of enemies.But the tutorial really tries to be as helpful as it can,but the controls are really complex so it is extremely tough to master.I mean,I know it's a fighting game so the controls will be tough,but this game takes it to far(Although it looks like I'm the only one that thinks this.).That does make it tougher but it also makes it more frusterating.And then there is the Arcade mode ,which was really tough to me.It thought the final two fights was really tough.And,FYI,that is the way you unlock The Apprentice.Next to talk about is the Character Creation.It is probably the most in depth and interesting Character Creation's.You can chose from loads of armor's,some you have to buy and some you have to unlock.You can also choose your fighting styles,Gender,and choose if you are Good or Evil.So now I want to talk about the the big new addition to this game,Darth Vader!Since I bought the PS3 version I can't review Yoda but maybe when he is realesed as DLC I will blog about my impressions.But now for some Darth Vader action.They done great.He doesn't feel like he can destroy everybody and he doesn't feel like he can get the crap beat out of him everytime.The voice over's was great for all characters not just for Vader's character.The graphics are stunnign and I have yet to find a single frame rate drops.But just stare at the background it looks amazing.You can see Elephants walking and on some other Venues you'll see beautiful stars,wonderful water,wonderful water and so much more stuff.

Multiplayer:This is one of the rare multiplayer's where it's kinda fun to lose,cause your gonna be losing a lot.My ranked match record is 4-22.Now I'm not saying your gonna suck as bad as me but still,so many people are gonna kick your ass.But I like how they made it to where you can wait in a party of four of your friends and it keeps track of your record in that party.Although there is only one type of game mode,it is still extremly addicting.One important thing in multiplayer games is  the lag factor.I have played over 50 ranked/player matches and I have expreianced very little lag.

Replay value:Well the tower is extremely fun to play and then when you beat it,you can just descend it and do it all over again.The multiplayer is another thing that'll keep you playing for weeks.There is also a lot more extras in the Museum that'll make you want them all!

End It!All-in-all this game is a definate buy for any fan of the series or pretty much any fighting game fan.With a addicting multiplayer and a great single player,this game is great

The Good                                                              The Bad
Fast paced action                                                Only 1 multiplayer mode
Beautiful Graphics                                               Complex control scheme
Amazing detail
Addicting multiplayer
Wonderful characters
Loaded with extras

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