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I Like it, love it, or somewhere inbetween.

I like Soul Caliber 4. Not all of the charectors have giant tits... My favorite charector, Talim, has maybe an A cup. I agree that Yoda and Vadar are lame... I don't use them, problem solved. Everyone says... "It's not as good as the first one"... When was the last time you played it? Soul Edge has problems that are just not acceptable by today's video game standards (AI gone stupid, for example). Plus, effects have gotten way better over the years... Visually, Soul Edge... is boring now. We all go back and play old Street Fighter games every now and then... But we bust out the feeble story mode in 10 mins and then laugh about how hard it used to be when we we're kids. Another thing about that I don't agree with... When was the last time you understood a fighter's story line? Fighting games have story lines that don't make any sense! It's not a problem with this game, but almost all fighting games... It's almost industry standard at this point.

Bottom Line:
I like it. The customization options and clothing could be better, but is alot of fun anyway. The graphics are not the best, but they are really good. The combos are satisfying and provide the right amount of challenge. Guest charectors are lame, don't use them! All and all, it's not ground breaking... But still REALLY fun.

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