Problems getting matches(PS3)

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has anyone else major issues getting matches online?

I have bad internet, so its probably my issue but i've never had problems with any fighting game before. I'll connect to someone, get to the character select screen, and then lag out. Anyone else having similar issues? Im trying to work out if its just playing on wifi, or if my internet just isnt good enough. I have gotten in matches and had no problems, no lag or anything. But I just find it near impossible to get connected to matches.

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Probably is your wifi and that subsequently downgrading your connection rating. I've only played Ranked so far, but there is the ability to search by connection rating right from the get go. Personally I set my search for 3+ bars and have been getting connections every 30 seconds or so.

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I would say it's Wifi. You really shouldn't play online games over Wifi. Wired is hell of a lot better. Been playing on Xbox through wired and I've had no problems at all.

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Yeah i figured it was either my bad internet or wifi, its a shame because i have no way to wire my ps3. Good thing i rented it i guess. Its just stupid because i can play any other game. The only other gave that ever gave me issues was any uncharted game.

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