Anyone Moved On From This Already?

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#1 Posted by sammo21 (5968 posts) -

I came to the realization this morning that I think I wasted my money on Soul Calibur 6. I got hooked into the hype of a game more similar to that of SC or SC2 (the last one I enjoyed). I played a few matches, thought it was fine, and then I played some online (horrible net code, every match). I was looking at what I could do to pass the time this morning and realized I don't think I ever want to touch this game again. I go on my social media accounts and realize none of my friends are talking about the game anymore and people on Twitter seem to only enjoy creating characters with the limited creation tools.

Have people already moved on from this game? I feel like Tekken 7 had a pretty decent tail, as far as word of mouth goes, and I remember coming back to it for 15-20 minute spurts to get a few matches in (on top of the character editing tools).

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I thought the same thing a couple days ago. I turned it on and played a couple matches. They were all laggy and I felt like I was losing to cheap bullshit so I turned it off out of frustration. I immediately was mad at myself for wasting $60 on it. I know ill never play it again.

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Nope. Just finished a few online matches a moment ago even. I can't speak for the scene as a whole, as I don't really follow that stuff, but I'm not having any more trouble finding matches now than a was a few weeks ago. I don't play as much as I was, in part because I'm waiting for 2B to come out, but I definitely haven't given up on the game.

The online can be hit or miss. But it works well enough often enough for me to still have fun with it. Especially when I just enjoy playing it so much. (I do primarily play in casual rooms where I can directly pick people with good connections though.)

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I was never too into Soul Calibur, i got into the series at 4 and dove into the character creator hard, i wasn't sure if that would happen again with 6 but it has.
I've "completed" the Libra of Souls mode and the rest of my time has been in the character creator, haven't touched online, though the harder AI demonstrates things about the games mechanics i think i hate so i probably won't ever go online.
But that's fine, i've still gotten my money's worth, surprised to see Tekken 7 is still so alive, player count is still very strong.

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My online experience was waiting several minutes for ranked matches, and even when I got into a match, it was generally laggy and not very enjoyable, so I went back to Tekken 7 (where I can find matches quickly, even with the filter set to 5 bars). Not sure what the deal was, but I'd probably play some more if those issues go away.

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#6 Posted by darkmoney52 (92 posts) -

@sammo21: I'm definitely not playing as much as I expected. I really, strongly dislike some of the mechanics. Reversal edge might be my least favorite idea in any fighting game, and Supers feel a bit too strong.

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I am still having fun, but then again I don't play games like I used to anymore. I play a few matches here and there, but I am still working my way through the single-player content and am wondering how long my enthusiasm will last when I am finished with that mode.

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#8 Posted by Andoriancore (1 posts) -

Unplayable netcode, disappointing gameplay. Not going back. They just milked it for 0day sales.

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#9 Posted by Shaunage (933 posts) -

I put up with the literal 2-minute load screens for single-player matches for about an hour then gave up and turned it off. I can't imagine ever going back.

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#11 Posted by BoOzak (2573 posts) -

So does this game still have issues (matchmaking & load times) and an active playerbase? I'm curious because 2b is now available and the game is on sale.

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