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Game innovation cannot separate from the integration of gameplay modes. When PUBG became popular, some game studios did not copy the original game, but combine the PUBG game mode with other game modes, they give a brand-new experience to the players. If PUBG meets the side scroller action, what will happen? Aydream from Shanghai gives us an answer. “Soulfire” as a survival game, it retains the rule, which players need to loot resources and try to be the last survivor. Unlike other PUBG alike games, its innovation lies in the fact that swords, axes, hammers, spears and other melee weapons become the main combat tools.

Not bullets and gunfire, but knives and swords

Although shooting is still the main stream of PUBG type games, the players mentioned the pleasant one shot sensation of 98k repeatedly. However, it does not prevent the birth of melee weapon action competitive games, after all, there is always someone waving the pan.

The appealing part of melee weapon fighting is the face to face combat, the players can see the enemies, and their action taken of the enemies, so they can take some reactions to counterattack, even to anticipate the enemy’s next moving, and take some reflections to counter immediately.

This is different from the shooting game model, which the first attack players will gain a bigger advantage than the opposite players, so when facing ambush, the couriers have more chances to react.

In addition, it is totally different in game operation and visual anger, so it produces an incredible game experience, also provides the PUBG players with another choice.


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