Easy mode in Souls games - an argument against

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#151 Sweep  Moderator

@bladeofcreation: You're right, I was being facetious with that closing remark :P

Still, the rest of my post is valid.

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well there are plenty of posts you could read to figure out what the fuzz is about :)

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#153  Edited By Justin258

It's really a decision to be made between the developers and the publishers. If they don't want to implement an easy mode, then they shouldn't have to, or they shouldn't be made to by a public who only wants to experience a portion of the game instead of the entire thing as intended.

As a comparison, Herman Melville had no obligation to make Moby Dick easier to read. He could have released an easier version of the novel, but he didn't, so you need to read the book if you want it.

Does this suck for people who don't have the time, patience, or capacity to get into something? Yeah. It does. But if I were a game developer and I wanted to make a difficult game, I'd be really fucking bummed if I spent all that time perfectly balancing everything and someone just said "yo, can I just blow past all that?". My immediate response would be "No, sorry, the difficulty is part of the game".

I don't think that attitude is toxic. I think it's just believing in the product you've made and the audience that it's made for.

None of this is to say you shouldn't criticize a game for having an unfair difficulty, or for saying that the difficulty is just way too high for you to enjoy it. That's fine. But please don't act like developers or publishers "should" change their game just for you, even if (and this is going to sound mean spirited but no argument thus far has changed my mind) you can't play the game for some reason. Not every game has to be for everybody, and not everybody has to be able to finish everything.

...on the flip side of that coin, if you want a difficult game but don't have the self-control to avoid turning the difficulty down, then perhaps you don't actually want a difficult game and should re-evaluate what you're looking for out of video games. If Sekiro or Cuphead or whatever actually had an easy mode, that doesn't hurt anybody else's enjoyment of a game. Adding accessibility is a thing that's becoming more and more popular and that's great.

As a final note, I'd like to mention that despite loving everything else about Sekiro, I wound up dropping it without getting very far in because I just didn't find it fun. Parrying was never my strong suit in Dark Souls, I couldn't get the hang of it in Bloodborne, and I'm garbage at it in Sekiro, too. I don't really want to spend hours and hours getting good at a combat style I don't particularly enjoy, so I dropped it. It's possible I'll pick it back up at a later date but some part of me feels like that's not going to happen.

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