What are your thoughts so far?

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I've played all there is to play in sound shapes aside from a couple tracks, and the beat school when you beat everything. But this game is just really in an odd place for me, I'll play a couple tracks, and really start feeling it, knowing what the game set out to do, and achieving that goal flawlessly. Then time will pass, I will pick it up again, and just not like anything that I'm playing, community or single player, it's so off and on for me, it's really a weird thing. I really like the platforming, but wish there was more to just collecting notes, maybe hidden challenge rooms ala Rayman origins, something. What's there is great, it just needs way more complexity for me to play it more than an hour and get where it's going musically and gameplay wise. At the end, it's a super simple, but extremely polished platformer, that has less to do with music complexity than I'd like. What are your guy's thoughts? Did Alex's review line up to your opinions?

Another thing, I will listen to music after I'm done playing the game, and just wish I could make something that elaborate in game, and that's just not the case, there is only one bar for you to work with at a time, that's something I really wish they would address before shipping. Maybe sound shapes 2 will be more LittleBigPlanet than Mutant blobs attack. I can only hope anyway.

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I really like it, the last level in the superbrothers album is awesome. Looking forward to see what the community makes after they figure it out, could be really good. I've noticed though that the stuff in each screen is just as important to the music its creating as the notes, that might take a while for the community levels to get great though.

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Three more days until Sony pushes the button for us EU duders... Remember Dyad? That doesn't even have a date yet! I'm a bit annoyed.

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Loving it so far, each album manages to evoke a completely different tone that I really appreciate. I like a game that gets my foot tapping and Sound Shapes is satisfying so far.

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It's a little light on the campaign content for sure, but the level editor is so cool it was worth the purchase for me.

EDIT: One thing I wish for was a better way to see community levels. I feel like the top rated levels were just the ones that went up first, and there are so many new levels coming in so fast it's easy for someone's level to just disappear without getting played much.

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@dennisthemennis said:

It's a little light on the campaign content for sure, but the level editor is so cool it was worth the purchase for me.

EDIT: One thing I wish for was a better way to see community levels. I feel like the top rated levels were just the ones that went up first, and there are so many new levels coming in so fast it's easy for someone's level to just disappear without getting played much.

Yeah, I agree with everything you've said.

Campaign's on the short side and a game with such simple gameplay could definitely use an abundance of levels built into it. But yea, I'm sure we'll see tons of cool user levels. Although I've seen the same levels on the greatest hits page for a while now. Granted it only came out this week, so hopefully they'll have more sorting and filtering options.

I've been messing with the level creator yesterday and all day today. Very intuitive on the Vita, although selecting multiple objects and rotating objects can be awkward using the touch and jerky analog sticks. But the level creator really puts the Vita to great use and not just a gimmick. It benefits from the touch screen support. Just being able to hear all the notes by tapping rapidly around the screen really helps me since I know next to nothing about creating music. Sometimes building the level obstacles first and then putting notes in reach of the player helps create some cool beats. So even if you aren't attuned to music making, making levels first and adding notes later will probably yield some nice sounds.

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@MiniPato: I agree, the vita editor's controls are really good. My only foible is what you said, trying to select an object is hard when you have a bunch of stuff crammed together. Has anyone used the ps3 editor? I'm curious what it's like, I imagine it would probably feel really slow compared to the vita's.

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Yeah, selecting objects on PS3 can be pretty bad as well. I think it works pretty well though. I mean the controls aren't great, and it could really use a "preview instrument" or "preview sound effect" button on the choosing menu, but I think it gets the job done.

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@TheMasterDS I was messing around with the editor and was sure I saw a preview instrument button on the ps3.
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@Rave: I mean before you choose it. After, yeah, sure, you have a sample button. But I'd like that ability while I'm in the menu browsing for an instrument trying to remember precisely which drums I like.

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Played through the first album. The gameplay and music are really awesome when you start building the beat. I think it's a nice distraction and something to help you chill out. It might be a little steep at $15, but I haven't finished the game.

I wonder besides the uninspired community levels atm if they will support the game by adding more albums or even something along the lines of an endless mode where you have a random beat that constantly molds and compels you to just keep the track going. Or something like a zen mode that looks nice and has some relaxing music. It would be nice to have something like that after work.

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I really like the whole idea of combining music and gameplay, into one consistent element. But having played a fare amount of the game, i'm kinda left a bit confused by my own feelings towards it. The game is at its best when you get a good streak going, like in Mirrors Edge, but i have never felt so frustrated having to listen to the exact same beat over and over and over again. The feeling i can compare it to is dying in a game, having to re-watch a cutscene with the same sounds/music and so on. But having this happen constantly, and listening to a beat and then that beat gets turned of and a second later turned on again. For me, so far, this is incredible frustrating and actually forced me to quit the game. But i'm willing to play through it, cause its such a beautiful game and the concept is one that really intrigues me.

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I'm liking it quite a bit, I just wish that the music in the campaign was better. The Superbrothers section was great, but so far the other albums aren't that fun to play. Only have the Deadmaus album left to do and from what they played on the Quick Look it looks like it will be great. But goddamn is the Beck album just annoying as shit! I barely made it through the second song! I missed a few notes getting through it and have no desire to play it again. Maybe I'll mute it just so I can get them all.

I do wish there were a few more albums, but I guess what is there is fine for a $15 game. Just seeing what the community does in the user created stuff is the most appealing part to me. Sure so far it is full of bad Mario levels, but I found a Brodyquest one and a Tron one that I thought were cool. The Little Big Planet 2 is probably one my favorite games this generation thanks to it's super creative community. Anything that looks interesting enough with UGC is always something I will take a look at. Except Infamous 2...that UGC was unnecessary.

Here's to hoping for some DLC albums that are cheap!

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