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Let Me Shape Some Sounds

So, ever since this game was announced I've been a little weary of it. Everyone talked about how great it was and how it really got them interested in what could come out on the Vita. The thing is, all of those people were right.

This is a fantastic game. It is simple, and fun, and is completely worth the $15. The controls are a little frustrating at first, but that is true for a lot of games. After an hour or so with it I found myself able to play through the campaign no problem. The platforming may be simple but it is really fun. Driven on by your need to hear more parts of the awesome tracks being built up behind you makes you work to get every one of those coins.

I really enjoyed how every different Album in the campaign had a completely different sound and on top of it, look. Your little eye ball always stayed the same but the world around you changed to match what tracks you were playing through. Simple puzzles offered up a little variety, but even just moving around and jumping was completely satisfying.

At the end of every level you received a plethora of new tools to use in the creation mode. All of the sounds and enemies and obstacles that were used to create the campaign you can use yourself. The level editor is awesome in and of itself.

Getting a handle on how exactly sizing and resizing parts was a little frustrating but after creating two levels I have gotten the handle of it, and it works great. You can create any beat you want and use all of the notes and music within the campaign of the game. It works well and you can jump between testing and building and a simple tap of the screen, no loading necessary.

Downloading levels from the community is also very quick and seamless. The wireless internet at work is absolutely terrible, but I found during my lunch break, levels downloaded very quickly. I assume this is because they are just giving you some sort of outline file and the data in the game builds it very quickly for you.

On top of all of this the user interface is incredibly easy to move through with the touch screen and I never found myself confused or lost.

To put it simply, Sound Shapes is an awesome game. If you want some awesome gaming on the go, buy it. I imagine it is just as good on the PS3 though I have yet to play that version. The fact that you get both for the price of one is a really good deal. Buying this for the Vita alone would be worth the money. If you have a Vita, GET THIS GAME. Can't be more clear than that.

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