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    Sousuke Sagara

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    The protagonist of the Full Metal Panic! series. Raised as a soldier from childhood, he pilots the M9 Gernsback, ARX-7 Arbalest, and the ARX-8 Laevatein.

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    Sousuke Sagara (相良 宗介 Sagara Sōsuke) is the main protagonist in the novel, manga, and anime series Full Metal Panic!


    He was born on 7 July 1984, in Afghanistan. Sousuke was adopted and raised by General Majhid, and trained as a child soldier and assassin. Then known as Kashim, he became part of the Mujihideen resistance army, fighting against the invading invading Soviet forces in the Afghan-Soviet War.

    He learned the use of small arms and basic survival techniques as a guerrilla fighter. It was during this time that Sousuke first met the antagonist Gauron. At the time, Gauron was a mercenary Arm Slave (AS) instructor at a nearby camp, and they were neither enemies nor allies. Although their meeting at the time seemed inconsequential, it is later revealed to have served as an important event that spurred Gauron's obsession with Sousuke, whom he deemed an "Assassin Saint." He also became acquainted with Zaied, another former comrade, during these years.

    Raised as a guerrilla fighter, Sousuke became a skilled AS pilot and soldier. During this time, the Soviet offensive grew in magnitude with the fresh success of the new Arm Slaves. In the early stages of the war, Kalinin's forces captured Sousuke. Kalinin gave specialized Spetsnaz training to Sousuke, from which Sousuke learns Japanese and Russian. During this time, he adopted the name Sousky Seagal.

    Following the Soviet army's defeat in Afghanistan, Sousuke becomes a mercenary, eventually escaping the country with Kalinin. However, they were separated afterwards in Cambodia. Sousuke has since been involved with other wars in the Middle East, collectively called the Fifth Middle East War. He built a solid reputation as a soldier during this period, gaining a group of friends. He spent five years as a soldier for hire, further building his combat and survival skills.

    Sousuke was eventually scouted and invited to become a private military contractor for the military junta corporation known as Mithril. While showing unspectacular skills at the training camp, his actions in the line of fire with an Rk-92 Savage convinced Melissa Mao to include him in the elite SRT unit. It is at Mithril that he is reunited with Kalinin, this time his commanding officer. As an SRT member, he is trained to operate the M9 Gernsback Arm Slave, serving as pointman.

    The story of Full Metal Panic! follows Sousuke's active duty with Mithril, beginning with his mission to protect Kaname Chidori in Japan. In order to do so, he assumes the role of a transfer student at Kaname's high school. However, his military career is the only life he has ever known. He has no social skills and sees nearly every situation in a military light. This causes many problems for Kaname, the female student he is assigned to protect...


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