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Souta is a second year student of Ohbi Academy. He is a childhood friend of Kazuki, Yui, and Yuko and were together since elementary school. Souta enjoys rock and roll and is a member of the Boys' Light Music Club. He is a vocalist and guitarist and he is a big rival of Yui who is of the same role. Souta's father is physically abusive and his mother is absent from his life.

Souta loves The Ramones. He dreams of becoming the sun and light up the world with rock.

Middle School

During middle school, Souta suddenly awoken to his feelings for Yui. He got up in the middle of class and rushed to her classroom. Souta wasn't able to put his feelings into words and instead kissed her. Yui developed mild androphobia from that debacle. Yuko enforced a 2 meter restraining order on Souta from then on. Souta promised to make Yui fall in love with him to overcome her fear.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

First Stage

Chapter 1: Here Today, Go Tomorrow

Souta's senior, Hisashi Tanabe invited Souta to watch him perform at a live house. Souta didn't like the music and waited for him backstage. He phoned Yui as promised but told her to hold when Tanabe arrived in his car. Souta remembered Tanabe as being timid and didn't like that Tanabe had changed for the worse. Tanabe brought Souta and 2 women to a love hotel. Souta snapped, voicing his dislike for what Tanabe had become. He announced that bands are about making great music and ran away.

Souta later phoned Kazuki to meet at the park. Souta wanted to form a band of his own. Kazuki reminded Souta to dye his hair back to black.

Upon returning to school, Sister Yoshizawa reprimanded Souta about his red hair but he refused to dye it back to black. After he left the teachers' office, he ran into Kazuki, Yuko, and Yui. Yui had red eyes because she stayed up the night waiting for Souta to call back.

Souta and Kazuki were going to perform with the Boys' Light Music Club during the Ohbi Cultural Festival. Kazuki invited Souta to practice but their seniors left early to study. After school, Kazuki invited Souta to buy music CDs. They met Akihiro and he revealed that Yoshizawa had a headache after talking to Souta. Souta brought his guitar back home to practice. At Kazuki's house, they met his sister Mami who lost her keys. Souta and Kazuki helped her look and Souta enjoyed teasing Mami.

Souta voicing his frustration
Souta voicing his frustration

The Boys' Light Music Club performed during the Cultural Festival and Souta played out of sync with the band. Souta became frustrated and demanded the president of the club for a second chance to play. The president explained that it was the best that they could've done and that he enjoyed his final year of high school. Souta watched the Second Literature Club band perform and he was struck with awe. He then ran away and swore to best them.

Chapter 2: I'm a Rock'n'Roller

The band's first practice
The band's first practice

Souta planned to enter the band competition that is held annually at the local live house. He heard that the Second Literature Club band wins the competition every year and are the favorites. Souta decided to invite Akihiro and Shouki to form a band. Akihiro agreed, wanting to achieve greater fame. They practiced at a studio and it was bad. Kazuki was too slow, Shouki was too mechanical, and Akihiro played on his own.

They later went to a cafe and met Yui and Yuko. Yuko suspected that Souta had formed a band and he named the band Super Rock'n'Rollers without input from the others.

In Summer, Souta found a spot to perform at a live house for their first time on stage. Yuko explained that they needed to sell tickets and suggested that Souta sing at the Taishou Restaurant to promote their band. The patrons didn't like him and beaten him up. Yuko and Yui met them and offered to buy some tickets on their friends' behalf. They had already collected money for them.

The night before the live house performance, Souta phoned Yui and invited her to meet at the park. Souta explained that his dream is to become the sun and Yui mentioned that the sun is lonely in the sky.

Akihiro fights with Souta
Akihiro fights with Souta

Souta met Murakami who will be performing right after them. Super Rock'n'Rollers performed badly and Souta fought with Akihiro on stage. Yui met them backstage and reprimanded them. Murakami revealed that he will be one of the judges during the annual band competition. Souta announced that he will best Happy Cycle Mania and volunteered to clean the live house to make up for the mess.

Souta suggested having a training camp and Akihiro and Kazuki agreed. Shouki volunteered having the training camp at his family's temple.

Souta's first suggestion is to strengthen their friendship as a band. They started referring each other with more endearing terms. The competition demanded 2 songs. Akihiro wanted to play 2 cover songs but Souta insisted on performing 1 original. Souta complained that Akihiro always played on his own. Akihiro insisted that he was capable of following the song's rhythm and they played amazingly well.

The next day, they went jogging at the break of dawn then practiced zazen (translates to "seated meditation" to attain a calm mental state) with Shouki's father overseeing them. They then composed their original song mostly with Akihiro's guidance.

The following day, Akihiro was upset that Souta couldn't keep up with him. They were also frustrated by the hot weather and they took their shirts off. The Second Literature Club band then showed up and saw them topless. Yuko explained that they will be spending the next few days undergoing their own training camp. That night, the girls dragged the guys along to buy ingredients for dinner. The girls cooked curry. Kazuki stayed the night up adding his own changes to their original song.

Souta kisses Yui. Probably not the desired reaction.
Souta kisses Yui. Probably not the desired reaction.

Souta and Yuko agreed to practice at different times. The next day rained. Neither groups could practice. That night, Akihiro decided to play his bass to enjoy the night. Eventually, both groups played together. Late that night, Souta and Yui couldn't sleep and they went to a convenience store. Yui advised Souta to write his feelings into lyrics. She confessed her feelings for Souta and showed him that she is no longer afraid of him. Souta kissed her, which caused her to be infuriated and she ran away.

The next morning, the Second Literature Club band left the temple. Yui was very bitter and Yuko suspected that something bad had happened between her and Souta. Souta wrote about his feelings for Yui as the song lyrics and named the song Bad Trip Dive. Kazuki and Shouki designed the band logo.

Chapter 3: Chain Saw

Kazuki collapsed from the Summer heat and sprained his ankle. Mami went home to deliver his wallet. The next day, they practiced at a studio. Kazuki fell down again. The following day, Souta had a nightmare where Kazuki fainting on stage. Kazuki fell down at the live house. Souta pulled Mami aside and demanded her to explain. Kazuki then showed up to explain his situation.

Kazuki was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable disease which will waste away neurons, causing loss of control over muscles. Kazuki had contracted the disease in the previous year. Kazuki insisted on performing on stage anyway.

Super Rock'n'Rollers
Super Rock'n'Rollers

Yui invited Souta to the after-party and noticed that he was troubled. Souta couldn't concentrate on the performance and played their first song poorly. Kazuki then punched Souta and begged him to play well for his sake as his last time on stage. Souta then revived and played well.

The Second Literature Club band won the band competition. Souta was frustrated that he couldn't win the band competition and he ordered 30 bowls of unadon to Murakami's house. Murakami suspected that it was Souta's doing and called him to his house. Murakami wasn't angry; instead he explained that the unadon was made by a small shop and that they should eat them all to not let them go to waste. Murakami called his friends and they ate all 30 bowls. Souta revealed that he had disbanded Super Rock'n'Rollers and Murakami invited Souta to join Happy Cycle Mania.

The next Summer, Kazuki and Mami invited Souta to a bar. Kazuki gave Souta his guitar. Souta announced that he is going to quit school. Kazuki tried to reveal that Mami liked Souta but Mami yelled over him.

Souta and Yui duet
Souta and Yui duet

That night, Souta sneaked into the school to have a last look around and found Yui at the Second Literature Club room. She revealed that she heard from Mami about Souta's decision to quit school. Yui explained that she liked the original song that Souta played during the competition. She lent him a guitar and sang while he played. Yui was also angry because he promised to be with her. Souta insisted on maintaining his desire to quit regardless.

Chapter 4: One Night Stand

Souta turned in his letter to Sister Yoshizawa. She was upset but she knew that nothing she say would change his mind. Yuko and Yui was on the rooftop seeing Souta running from school and Yui yelled at him, calling him an idiot.

Second Stage

Chapter 1: Zig-Zag Rock'n'Roll Train

2 years later, Souta still remembered Yui. He denied that she was his girlfriend. Souta criticized Murakami's apathy.

Chapter 2: Don't Stop Dreaming

Souta and Mami visited Kazuki at the hospital. Kazuki was sleeping so Souta invited Mami for lunch. Mami asked about Yui and Souta explained that he has yet to phone her since leaving school. Mami explained that Yui was still waiting for him and entered her number in Souta's cell phone.

Later, Souta found Akihiro apologizing profusely to a woman and invited him to reunite Super Rock'n'Rollers.

Fateful meeting in the rain
Fateful meeting in the rain

It rained during Happy Cycle Mania's scheduled performance. On the way back home, Souta met Murakami. Souta noted that Murakami looked depressed. Murakami mentioned that they are both similar in that they both lack genuine musical talent. Souta announced that talent was a crutch to success and that he only needs pure hard work. Souta also revealed that he will be reuniting Super Rock'n'Rollers and will be leaving Happy Cycle Mania.

Some time later, Souta approached Chie at the park to return Kazuki back to the hospital. Souta reminded Murakami of his challenge and he managed to strike a nerve in Murakami.

Chapter 3: Let's Do It, The Music

When Yashiro and Murakami met Yagihara at the live house to plan Happy Cycle Mania's 5th year anniversary, Souta announced that he had reunited Super Rock'n'Rollers. Yagihara invited him to perform at the event as well. He then treated everyone to hot pot. Souta became drunk and revealed that he had dumped Yui for rock. After they learned that Okaji has a girlfriend, Souta cried for Yui. Jutaro then snatched Souta's cell phone and invited Yui to meet Souta. When Yui reached the live house, she found Souta dancing topless. She knocked Souta out and they brought him to Yashiro's home.

Miru revealed to Yui that Souta had always been thinking of her. Mika suggested using suggestion on Souta. That night, Souta suddenly woke up and played his guitar. Yui followed him and they left the room. Later, Souta revealed the anniversary event to Kazuki. Kazuki had composed a new song. Souta wanted to perform the song for the event and presented the song to Akihiro and Shouki.

Chapter 4: We Are Always Rock Crazy

The day before the event, Super Rock'n'Rollers practiced and planned their performance. Yuko phoned Souta and invited him to the park. She requested him to invite Yui to the attend event. Yuko also officially nullified the restraining order. She explained that although his dream is to be the sun and shine upon everyone, he was singling Yui out from his light. Souta announced that his feelings for Yui had been growing and phoned Yui to invite her to the event.

Super Rock'n'Rollers' final performance
Super Rock'n'Rollers' final performance

On the day of the event, Souta and Akihiro woke up late and they rushed to the live house. At the live house, Souta met Yui. He explained that he thought that he could only chase one dream at a time, and that he had chosen rock over Yui. Souta realized that he should chase after both dreams simultaneously and requested Yui to listen closely to his song. Souta performed using Kazuki's guitar.


Souta uses a white colored Aria DM-380.


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