Did you find the [SPOILERS] with the cluster of "friends"?

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When I saw the note in Stan's room, I immediately knew what I was in for. Honestly, I expected those Christmas Critters to do something incredibly disturbing (they still might, I'm not finished yet), but all I got was a welcome bump to my friends list.

I could basically tell you what episode and situation all of the little callbacks and secrets in the game came from (I'm not proud of this [nor particularly ashamed, either]), so I'm curious how many others found that little enclave? Did you "decipher" the note without knowing the context or did you, like me, know what it meant?

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#2 Posted by MikeFerrari7 (391 posts) -

I knew what it meant, and was incredibly excited!

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I never found that note. :-(

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@mlarrabee: Does Stan have to be with you when you go into his room, to get the note? Much like with Cartman for you to get Polly Prissy Pants?

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@sterling: I had Butters when I found it. I was around only an hour or so into the game.

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